Interesting facts about space

1. Jupiter is the largest planet of the solar system, could be put inside the rest of the world.

2. The sun can produce as much energy per second, how much land is necessary throughout the year.

3. On Pluto one year lasts 247 Earth years our 7.

4. In the Cosmos there are objects such as neutron stars. So if the substance from which they are made, pour in a teaspoon, the weight of this same spoon would be about 110 million tonnes.

5. All the planets of the solar system are named in honor of the gods, other than Earth.

6. The first maps of the lunar surface were created in 1609.

7. The highest temperature that can be on the moon 117 degrees Celsius, and the lowest -164. Usually at night the moon is cool -150.

8. The hottest planet in our solar system - is Venus.

9. The mass of the Earth - sikstillionn 6 tons, and the moon 80 times easier.



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