Lake Lagarima

Lake Lagarima (Loughareema), which is also called the vanishing lake, located near the coast, just a couple of miles from the seaside town of Ballycastle (Ireland). This reservoir is located on the sagging Cretaceous platform, and at the bottom of the platform is a hole, which is often packed with peat. The peculiarity of the lake is that it can very quickly fill, especially if it rains heavily. In this case, when the underground well cleared of peat, water instantly goes underground, and this process takes only a few minutes. Casual passer-by, not knowing about the phenomenon of the lake, and can not understand that there once was generally pond.

It is interesting that the road to Ballycastle routed straight through this lake, even a modern version of it and positioned high enough so that if something happens to avoid flooding and serious accidents. Apparently, even the engineers who designed this way, at the time deceived the lake, and they did not notice that it is here at all is. Thus, before the route was very often under the water column, which sometimes does not go away within a few weeks. All this made the intersection of the plot complicated procedure.

During one of the most severe flooding in 1898, Colonel John Magee McNeill late for the train and ordered his coachman to drive straight across the lake. Carriage with two horses on her way, but halfway cold water began to rise sharply and reached the bellies of horses, which have become very nervous. Cabby tried to fit them into a whip, but the frightened animal reared up and overturned wagon. Cold water has done its job and the Colonel with his crew quickly went under water.

Thus was born the legend Lagarimy. Since that day, much time has passed and people sometimes report that they had seen on the lake ghostly carriage with two horses and military.



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