Weather Surprises 2008 (18 photos)

A Grand Canal, Venice, August 5. Picture: REUTERS

Gondolier drinking beer while sitting on lawn chairs right into the Grand Canal. The air temperature of 32 Centigrade.

Haiti, September 11, 2008. AFP / GETTY

Aerial view of a brown stream of fresh water, invading the azure water of the Caribbean Sea from the coast of the storm devastated the city of Gonaives,

March 10, 2008. Bournemouth beach. Picture: BNPS

The man knocked down by a gust of strong wind.

February 17, 2008, Photo: EPA

Benches on the promenade on the lake covered with ice Pamvotida, Ioannina, northern Greece.

Amman, Jordan on 31 January. REUTERS

Playing snowballs in Jordan was made possible perhaps the first time in its history.

Ogallah, Kansas, May 22. PHOTO: AP

The unusually gloomy thunderstorm. Old barn in a wheat field.

On-Albans, Hertfordshire, August 20th PHOTO: SWNS

Bad weather. Clouds strange shape.

Fort Smith, Arkansas, April 22. PHOTO: AP

Clouds strange shape.

Bay Inglefield, Northwest Greenland, on 1 December. PHOTO: BARCROFT

Clouds strange shape.

Sydney, August 7. Photo: REX FEATURES

Clouds strange shape.

Amarillo, Texas, May 6. PHOTO: REUTERS

Clouds strange shape.

California, May 22. PHOTO: AP

Tornado in Riverside.

June 25th. PHOTO: AFP / GETTY

Waves beat against the coastline, Victoria Harbour. Typhoon has covered Hong Kong.

Aba, Sichuan province, February 17. PHOTO: REUTERS

Tibetan pilgrims come to the monastery during the Buddhist festival Monlam, during a sandstorm.

Massachusetts, on July 1. PHOTO: EPA

American flag on the background of lightning during a thunderstorm in Lexington

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 10 February. PHOTO: PHOTOSHOOT

Lightning strikes the statue of the Savior.

June 9th. Photo: SPLASH

Lightning strikes near the Empire State Building during a severe storm in a stuffy New York.

Uruguay, on 22 October. PHOTO REUTERS

Fifty-two dead cows lying along the electric fence ranch in Valdez Chico. The cows were found dead the manager of the ranch, and after a veterinary examination were declared dead by lightning.



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