He plays World of Warcraft.

Imagine you are sitting in a cafe for a laptop and drink, well, let's coffee. Looks up from the screen and you literally shocking sitting opposite neighbor. He came into the cafe is not a noutom, and with a hefty iMac. He plays World of Warcraft. Him for many years.

Journalists blog Gizmodo have found this old man and asked him a few questions:

 - Why did you bring in a cafe iMac?
 - Do not think I do not mind laptops, just at my age you start to appreciate the big screen. I'm used to the weight of a conventional Mac, dragged him before and with a monitor so that the weight of the iMac does not scare me - I carry it in a bag iLugger. At home I do not have internet, so I brought him in this cafe (Panera Bread) - it's convenient, I parked in the underground parking lot, took the elevator to the cafe, so no weather on my iMac does not work.

 - You do not get people in the cafe?
 - Yes, there are constantly people with computers who with poppies, someone with a PC.

 - What are your characters in WoW?
 - I have three characters - two level 80 and one seems to be the 14th.

 - How did you start playing WoW?
 - It's all because of my niece's son - he was nine years old and he plays all the time, so I was forced to play.

 - Internet fame does not scare you?
 - Well, I shot one guy, he had previously said, everything is OK, I'll take off? I resolved, but then I saw the photos on the blog MacSurfer and thought, "Damn, this picture I look like bald!»

Funny old man after all. An example of this grandfather, Jason (the way it 72), suggests that we should not be afraid of change and public opinion - is important only your comfort and desire. Well, the child of nine years, which helps pump you.


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