Old Japan (19 photos)

Adolfo Farsari (ital. Adolfo Farsari; February 11, 1841, Vicenza, the Austro-Hungarian Empire - February 7, 1898) - US military, Italian photographer who worked mainly in Japan. Born in Vichenche, which at that time was part of Austria. In 1859 he emigrated to the United States, where went to serve in the cavalry. In the US, married but soon divorced. In 1873, together with her two children moved to Japan, where he co-founded the company "Sargent, Farsari and Co", which was engaged in the production of posters, cards, design books and magazines, and other works. Currently working Farsari are in private collections and various museums. In 2004, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts hosted an exhibition of his works. In this post I have collected a few of his photos of Japan in 1886.


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