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Do not be getting in the morning. In this case it is necessary to get drunk all day. And then even cocaine will not pull.

I always get nervous great when you need to say it. After all, at this point I have to be Dennis Hopper. And who is Dennis Hopper? It's hell, a man who has no identity.

I was born in Kansas in 1936, and it means that I am now in '72. I was one of those who believes that he would never live to see thirty, and who starts to beat his head against the wall when he turns thirty-one. I experimented with various substances since childhood. Once the age of seven I was really nanyuhalsya gasoline fused to the grandfather of the tractor. I remember staring at the clouds, and it seemed to me that this holy image. I was pretty peredoznulsya then fact. I remember, I grabbed a baseball bat and rushed for grandfathers tractor, killing all lights and glass. I thought it was some terrible monster, and this is my last fight. And then they let me go, and the more I smelled gasoline.

I am very tenacious. Perhaps it's something genetic. And good luck. But I do know that it is not just that. Most importantly, it seems to me, is your attitude. Death rarely takes those who is not afraid. I know this for sure: I had to die at least a dozen times, but still here among the living.

Until the day when I stopped drinking, I vyzhiral a day not less polugallona Roma (about 1, 8 liters. - Esquire) and countless beer. At this point I rarely stayed because I've always had in store three to four grams of cocaine.

Cocaine - a good tool to sober up. In those moments when I am terribly drunk, I just resorted to cocaine. To sober up and get drunk again.

All my life I admired poets who constantly booze and ate drugs - all these guys such as Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine. They were real narkosvinyami and probably thought it nishtyak behave this way - we're supposedly poets. But I was not a poet, when cocaine interfered with vodka. I just had the Weird mudiloy.

Like all actors, I want to fuck death and remain in memory.

Money does not relieve you of old age. Old age will deliver death.

Seventy-two years ago I prevented my mother to become an Olympic champion in swimming at the back. She was a champion of Kansas and was just going to the Olympics, when I got pregnant. I still do not know whether this is good or bad on my part.

The fact that it happened to you, does not mean that it is interesting to all.

I'm just a hick from Dodge City (city in Kansas. - Esquire), whose ancestors were simple farmers.

Hollywood has never accepted me. I just live there, that's all.

Hollywood should not abuse the word "art". There he was considered to be something akin to the word "ass". If you too often say "art", first you stop to greet, and then deprive parking spaces.

Despite the fact that I did a fucking pile of films, the industry still rejects me rejects the stomach all rot.

It's simple: earn some money, live the way you live and kicking ass.

James Dean was the most talented actor I have ever seen. He also was a true partisan, who declared war on anyone who tried to hold back his emotions. Once quarreled with the director, he took vykiduhu, put that to my throat and said, "I'll kill you, suchonok." I try to emulate Dean in all - in the movies and in life. So I have so much trouble.

I never framing your photos. "If you're going to photograph, - Dean told me once - never framing pictures." - "What the hell?" - I asked. - "When something you definitely want to make a film, but you can not crop the movie, so learn to see the frame immediately».

The camera does not look like a gun. But this weapon. It seems to me that in today's revolutions easier to fight with the camera than with a gun, and in some cases machines do not need at all. Battle for free minds will be won in the theater, but not in a tank battle.

All that I see around me, makes me think that we are no longer able to distinguish the Day of Judgment from the usual.

Once I became a Republican because he believed in the ideals of Thomas Jefferson (third president of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence. - Esquire). He said that no party should stay in power for too long and have to be replaced by another - this is how democracy works. At that moment, when I patched Republicans, Democrats were in power for too long. Now in power sat Republicans, and that is why I voted for Obama.

I've been doing all in a row. Draw, shoot, shoot, photograph. All of this for me is akin to - so I just make money. All of these methods, I like, because they are pretty funny. And they do well with their task: make life not so dreary.

Learn to relax. If you are relaxed, you have a key to the imagination. If not - you'll have to settle for the key to intelligence.

I play golf as shit, but still try to play as much as possible.

At this stage of life I most like to travel. Although for me it has always been the best way to know the Lord.

I have four wonderful children - and all from different mothers. I've been married five times, but not because I am passionate, but because I'm lousy pondering in women. I'm the type who, having spent quite a bit with the woman begins to think that he needs to either get rid of it immediately, or to marry her. And that, believe me, not the fucking smart thing in the world.

I was married to Michelle Phillips (American singer, member of the group The Mamas & the Papas. - Esquire) eight days. The first seven were nishtyak.

Aside from spending on numerous divorces, I'm not for nothing from what had been married so many times. Marriage has always made me more workable.

When in 1995 I decided to build a house, I asked the builders to make three garages directly in it, although they insisted to build a garage separate unit. I always liked the idea to enter the house by car.

Sometimes I feel like I'm one step away from being able to be closed up a serial killer.

People keep asking me about the nature of the evil that lies in me and makes it easy to cope with all sorts of roles bastards. All this is nonsense, of course. No evil in me not, I just wear pants size smaller.

After the "Easy Rider" was not a single film that I really wanted to stay.

I've never worked with Lucas or Spielberg. Name offhand of any known Hollywood director, and I'll tell you that he never worked with him. I never offered the roles that offer or Jack Nicholson, Warren Beatty. Never offered and never offer. So it remains to be content with small roles villains.

I'm not one of those people who goes out of the shower to piss.

I have not drunk a quarter of a century. About the same I ate hard drugs. I starred in 150 films. And took off, unfortunately, only seven. Not that I'm sitting on his hands - I always struggled in the director's chair, but it is no hurry to give me money. Many of the 150 films in which I appeared, - an unprecedented shit. But even in such films, I tried my best - to the moment when I am offered a good thing, not matted fool.

I have never been a great role.

Not necessarily win every battle, the main thing - to win the war.


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