Space Hotel

Russian private company engaged in space research, announced its intention to create a hotel at a distance of 217 miles above the earth in the open space.

company "Orbital Technologies" confirms that the space hotel can be opened already in 2016. In the Commercial Space Station (CSS), the so-called extraterrestrial plan hotel provides room for seven space tourists from windows that will open a unique and breathtaking view of the Earth.

The five-day stay in space will not be cheap, it is assumed that the cost of the flight will be approximately $ 410,000 and $ 165,000 for each two-day stay in space hotel.

Guests of the company "Orbital Technologies" can count on good food.

Commercial Space Station is not only a place to relax - there will be carried out and research. "Orbital Technologies" have stated that they have in mind there are already several potential customers customers to conduct medical research.

"We also have a proposal on joint projects with the media. And, of course, many are interested in, just to visit space for several days, "- said the head of the project, Sergey Kostenko.

CSS will be serviced spacecraft "Progress" and "Union", which will serve as a refuge and a spare in case of unforeseen situations.


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