The story of how I was treated ... Vovka

The history of old, but the boy's creative forces "to crawl under the tableĀ»!
After our hike my ass was burning, and Vovka just sprinkled a couple of fingers and swollen.
- Allergies. Said grandmother.
- Still would. At least three kilograms of chocolates skhuyarili two snout. To have diarrhea chilled, and his eyes on his forehead povylazili. That there should be so fall greedily to chocolate. Father, take Motik a neighbor and drive for the doctor's. We must also look at the fingers of scatty. God forbid that a fracture or crack. It would be better you asshole cracked.
Of course, I tried to thrust with his grandfather. I loved to ride in the cradle. He wears a helmet on his head, natyanesh tarpaulin and imagine as if you fly a fighter plane. But the grandfather said to me that the head of x% i, not a fighter, and went to a neighbor. It would be better, he took me with him ... Vova was in the grandmother's room on a bed and was sick. Well, how sick? Besides his fingers did not hurt. Is that all was fine in a rash. I also remember as a child I was sprinkled with red spots, and I went all the green points.
- Your eyes do not climb on the forehead yet? I'm interested in Vovka.
- No. Responsible Vovk
- But Che is already beginning to ache.
- A diarrhea yet?
I thought that I do not threaten, I do not just sprinkled, but for Vovka feared. Grandma went to a neighbor in the minutes an hour, hoping that this time, we do not burn the house and did not fly away into space. Because if you burn the house, it is us in the ass stuffed burning coals, and it is less space for experiencing because of idiots were not allowed there. Coals in the ass we did not want, and we were not going to space. I decided that as long as the grandfather goes for the Doctor, can happen trouble. As far as I could imagine, grandfather and grandmother to us basically do not care. And if one of us dies, it will be easier.
Therefore, I took the only right decision, Vovka treat yourself. I took a first aid kit from the cupboard and took from there cotton, bandage and Zelenka. My actions seemed to me logical. Zelenka I was going to paint over spots bandage blindfold that before coming to the doctor's did not come out and wool close ass that would be in the case of diarrhea it does not obgadil Babkin bed. Vovka confused my plans, but I do it convincingly explained that the bandage so that the eyes would not have got out, wool from diarrhea and Zelenka from allergies. All science.
The first thing I stuffed cotton panties. It seemed to me a little, and I added a gauze. Then he shook his eyes with a bandage. You're allergic to cover. I took the cotton wool spots, and began to paint. After 10 minutes, I'm tired. It had a lot of spots and very small. I took the sensible decision to take and easy to paint, not tormented with each separately. A few minutes later it was done. Vovk was and dries ...
In the courtyard there was a crashing motorcycle. The doctor arrived, I realized, and pleased with himself sat down to wait, imagining it to be surprised and say that she had something to treat that actually have nothing. All the main treatment is carried out, except that the fingers will explore. The door opened and a woman doctor came in with his grandmother. I decided to wait for his glory in the hall and went out of the room, sat down on the bench.
- Whose hands with you? I asked suspiciously grandmother, pausing beside me, but she could hear the answer did not come. The doctor came into the room to Vovka ... C scream - Mother dear! Something fell to the floor.
Grandma looked suspiciously at me and ran into the room.
- Oh, a pediatrician homemade! Grandma jumped out of the room and ran to the kitchen. I cautiously peered into the room and saw lying on the floor vrachihu. Not for nothing, I thought. Grandma flew into the room with a towel and a glass of water. Start spray on vrachihu and fanned her with a towel. Weak voice inside tells you that something is wrong, but do not insist. The doctor opened his eyes and asked, pointing to Vovka - What's with him? Here grandmother probably remember me, because she looked around and her eyes fell on a fly swatter. She held out her hand and looked at me kindly and said,
- Come here, my good. Hippocrates you homebrew. I showed it to a few words willfully, and I backed away. Then the inner voice commanded - run! And I ran. I ran as I could, with a crash flung open the front door. C crashing literally, because at that time my grandfather was trying to go into the house, carrying in his arms a large bottle instead of the one that broke the hammer in the closet. He bought it in passing in the village, took away when vrachihu. I understand that the bottle fell and broke. Because when I ran down the stairs to the street, mother and grandfather could not understand what it was ...
When The doctor came into the room, in front of her stood a green creature with a huge ass and bandaged eyes. Seen the sight of her, of course, shocked and she lost consciousness and fell to the floor. Grandma, ran track, was still more hardened and prepared morally, though not a doctor. Therefore, it is not particularly surprised, and ran to fetch water, to save vrachihu. I just sat out at least an hour for the woodpile. Santa in the yard shouting that tear off my legs and insert in place of wood, that I would have never been able to run. And even better, he would buy a new bottle, and will preserve me to her.
Vovka confirmed allergy and bruised fingers, do not worry, in fact. His eyes did not come out and did not have diarrhea. The only bad point is the fact that it is a long time went green, light, day after day. I did not beat the same. Grandfather said that most likely the crap out of me never knock. Inadvertently may last brains fly out and then my parents just do not take away, with his grandfather and grandmother with no brains in vain, I have not rested. But I was a week locked in a room, under house arrest, that would at least a week they could relax me. To my objection that the child can not be without fresh air, the grandfather said - I told you several times a day to fart in the room I will inhale the future, the great outdoors then you will lose consciousness from an excess of oxygen. Well, so the next week would have nothing happen. But the key phrase here - would have ...



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