Photos Sun Alan Friedman

Photos Sun Alan Friedman

Friedman lives in a pretty suburb of a large city (Buffalo, NY), where city flare disables observing distant galaxies and nebulae. So he focused his research on the objects of the solar system - the Moon, planets and of course, the sun. I must say that quite often it is very good at the beautiful pictures showing the Sun in a new light.

Beautiful and unusual images of the sun it gets through a special filter that blocks all light except for a narrow dark red band, which emits intense hot hydrogen. Until recently, these filters were available only to professionals.

This image of our day-star hit the pages of Bad Astronomy, magazines Discover, Wired, has been published on the websites of many newspapers around the world.

One of the last photos of the Sun, produced by Alan. In this photograph captures a remarkable prominence dragon, which is visible to the left.

Quiet Sun 14 August, 2009.

A time of great spots. October 30, 2003 the Sun had so many spots that some groups could be seen with the naked eye before entering luminaries


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