Come up with something really new.

Anyone who has ever happened in my life in the New Year, knows that in this case it is almost impossible to come up with something really new. But all is not lost.

The script of celebrating New Year 2012 №1: Scenario ethnographic

Guests are divided into pre-nation geographically. For example, living in the northern part of the city come to Chukotka fur boots and parka, the residents of the south - in loincloths and with rings in his nose, and those who live in the east - are in a kimono and squinting. All congratulate each other a Happy New Year in the appropriate languages.

Ideally the table representatives of each nation should communicate with others only in their own language. In the case of language difficulties the missing word can be replaced with sayings like Hindi Rusi bhai bhai or Rousseau tourists look morale.

During the anthem at the TV mute and cut in at full volume the Internationale, and all the people in unison they go to dance around the Christmas tree. Then divided into NATO and the socialist camp and arrange a pillow fight.

The script of celebrating New Year 2012 №2: Scenario oligarchic

The celebration is arranged in the restaurant Golden. If your budget allows, you can not be penny wise and just build a restaurant from ingots of pure gold (after the holiday they can give the guests as souvenirs).

Entertainment program: the first point - performance film The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath. Performed live by the same cast that in the original (for a complete resemblance to the 1975 film version of all actors must be performed first semi-intensive course of spa therapy). The songs are performed live Alla Pugacheva. If your budget allows, you can not be penny wise and instead invite Pugacheva Maxim Galkin. Or both. The second point - the president's speech. Performed live delivered by helicopter the president.

The script of celebrating New Year 2012 №3: Scenario feminist

Before the start of the holiday and the owner mistakenly came time male guests planed Olivier and set the table, while the hostess and female guests smoke on the stairs. After an exchange of gifts to women for the first time truly express their opinion about the men received from their stupid show.

During the meal, the food from the kitchen carrying a tray man, clean dirty dishes, too, they are. The main topics of conversation at the table - diet, shops and the unsuitability of modern men to anything else. During the president's speech hostess mutes the television and cut in at full volume the immortal lyrics of Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive. The guests sing along discordant chorus.

The script of celebrating New Year 2012 №4: Screenplay nostalgic

At the prompt, instead of all the boring dress code specifies hair code: women permanent wave, for men - haircut Bobrik. Disobey, regardless of sex, at the entrance to give curly wigs pergidrolno-blonde hue. TV pre-cleaned and put in its place was overlooked in the attic Rubin, then the whole evening watching ironically, because nobody remembers how to change channels without using the remote. Products for the festive table, guests bring with them. Of these joint efforts created salad, and replace scarce peas found in the bins homeland barley. Under Soviet chime clink champagne. All the guests are still sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags. In the morning everyone goes skiing (in the case of a thaw - Water).

The script of celebrating New Year 2012 №5: Scenario occult-mystical

By the time the guests apartment is decorated with banners with spells in Latin and portraits of Beelzebub in full size. When all the guests gathered in the room includes a black-bearded Santa Claus, Nostradamus and read each of the presence of his horoscope for next year. Under unfavorable predictions outside thunder and lightning (ask your neighbors to organize a balcony fireworks).

Five to twelve in the apartment the lights go out, the dishes, except for one inverted saucer thrown under the table, and the table smoothly into the seance: guests and hosts jointly produce the spirit of the President and through the roar of cannon fire through the window trying to parse it vague prophecy (if the ghost for whatever reason, does not appear, you can just turn on the TV, the effect is the same.) By chime clink elixir of immortality, for conspiracy bottled from the Soviet champagne.


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