Life in the toilet in China (12 photos)

For the past six years, 32-year-old Zeng Lingjun lives with his family in the toilet of one of the hotels in the city of Shenyang in Liaoning Province ...

1. In 1999, the 20-year-old Zeng, born in the village of Fumin, entered the mining school in Heilongjiang Province.


2. However, his family was unable to pay for his studies of 5,000 yuan a year ($ 794) and not survival rates, Zeng went to Shenyang from 50 yuans in his pocket in search of work.


3. In 2006, he married, and then raised the question of housing for young families. Shoot normal apartment and even a room in a great metropolis they could not afford.


4. One friend suggested that one features a men's room, which is never used for its intended purpose, and that it is possible to agree on the rent.


5. So they moved to the toilet. Their new home area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 20 square meters. m already fully adapted to their needs.


6. In the last year their family is replenished son, which they have named Zeng Dei (means "lucky") with the hope that in his life he better luck than their parents.


7. Against the background of a wedding photo. According to the traditions of antiquity, many Chinese couple wearing red wedding dress, because it is believed that the color red brings wealth and prosperity.




9. The wife Zeng Lingjun preparing dinner in the hallway Hotels.


10. Zeng earns shoe repair, key making and shoe cleaning passersby. Workplace him right outside the hotel, where they live, and the equipment is simple enough in the room for hand washing.


11. The father buys products.


12. Zeng conscientious attitude to his work attracted many regular customers who often pay him a little more for his services. In a month he earns more than 2,000 yuan ($ 317), which is equal to the average wage of Chinese workers in the factory.



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