Cardboard Sculpture (30 photos)

Chris Gilmour was born in Stockport, United Kingdom, in 1973, but now lives in Udine, Italy. With only cardboard and glue, Chris creates incredible sculptures that do not need any props and frames. All that you are about to see, is made of cardboard.

Objects for his works Chris chooses for their expressive, symbolic and conceptual qualities. (Marco De Palma)

All Gilbert made full size and is a subject that we face every day - a typewriter, a car, a bicycle, a wheelchair. (Marco De Palma)

His work is a blank canvas on which viewers can project has its own memories and experiences. (Marco De Palma)

All work is inexplicable pull to itself, causing a desire to take advantage of them. (Marco De Palma)

Selecting objects to play completely random, from home hours and typewriter to large in size and cultural sense, the Fiat 500 and the scooter Lambretta. (Marco De Palma)

However, the reason for choosing subjects was almost always the same - they bring back memories that are associated with them. (Marco De Palma)

As these works are not only visual, but also conceptual, authors choose their appearance and cultural characteristics. (Marco De Palma)

The interaction with the viewer operation should cause some short circuit on what he wants to perform some action, but it is impossible: you want to open the car door, but of course you can not. (Marco De Palma)

Early work carried out on a clean cardboard, as the author has tried to realism, he good at it. (Marco De Palma)

Some people believed that the objects in front of them - real, but repainted and wrapped in paper. (Marco De Palma)

Now the works of the author makes the boxes found in the streets, where there are labels, packaging tapes, labels, etc. (Marco De Palma)

"I like the idea of ​​creating such beautiful things out of objects found in a landfill. I do not want to work the material was too clean. It betrays a certain symbolism - I create a new thing out of what is thrown in the landfill after it was removed from the same new thing "- said Chris Gilmour. (Marco De Palma)

One of the reasons for his works using Chris cardboard, is that it is very easy to find. This will never happen, and marble or bronze. (Marco De Palma)

Cardboard is also deprived of the cultural burden, which is burdened with classic materials for sculpture, which allows you to create new perspectives on the work. (Marco De Palma)

Run-actions associated with objects, forcing the viewer involuntarily reproduce them - print something, open the car door. However, this is, and shows that in this world is real and what is "fake." (Marco De Palma)

"By using materials that are known and understood, I approached their work to the audience. This is how to create a language understood by everyone "- says Chris. (Marco De Palma)


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