Indian trap

Canadian Indians make a very simple trap for bears. This is a large, smeared with honey stone, hung on a rope to a tree branch. Once the bear sees what he considers a delicacy, he comes and tries to grab the stone, striking him with his paw. Thus, a movement of the pendulum, and a stone hit him back. Bear nervous and starts pounding on the stone hard. The more punches bear, the more blows he received in response. All ends with a knockout animal.


Bear is not able to think, "What if I interrupt the cycle of violence?" He just feels hurt. "I was beaten, I give back!" - He tells himself. His fury is growing. But if he stopped fighting, the stone would be fixed, and the beast, finding former composure, perhaps, would have noticed that it is only an object attached to a rope. And he would be left alone to cut the rope teeth, give the stone fall and lick the honey.


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