What do the symbols on the back of your gadget (9 photos)

On the back of most gadgets, there is a line of hieroglyphs, some understandable without my transcripts, and some all the same it would be interesting to know. This is not a set of standard characters, beauty and coded information. Today, I will tell you that most of them mean.

1. Stamp Underwriters Laboratories. It is an independent, non-profit company responsible for the "safety in science and technology." It verifies, analyzes and audits the wide range of products sold in the US, Canada and Mexico. They must make sure that the gadget corresponds to state and federal safety regulations. Most of the equipment that is sold in North America, namely, digital cameras, electric guitars, headphones, OLED-displays, check the UL. UL mark is important for insurance companies. For them it is an indicator of reliability of the product under normal operating conditions.

2. CSA International is another independent company that conducts testing and certification of products, they, unlike the UL, plus everything is checked on the safety of products for animals. Water supply systems, ventilation and air conditioning, as well as electronics designed for US and Canadian markets, passes through the CSA International. CSA has stamped products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards for people and animals in the United States and Canada.

3. As the number of mobile devices with a wireless connection, the United States decided to check the latest wireless gadgets on the fact that the waves emitted by them do not interfere with the work of other mobile devices. FCC (Federal Communications Commission (FCC)) carries out testing of all safety devices and puts this mark.

4. Almost every product created, sold or imported into the European Union should bear the CE (Conformite Europeenne). Literally translated as a European mark of conformity. By the way, all devices Adminchega Muz4in.Net present. And it means that the product meets all regulatory requirements for products manufactured or sold within the European Economic Area. At this time, the mark itself can not guarantee the quality of product such as UL, for example. Since product testing is not carried out carefully so as, for example, in US


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