Children played heroes of films nominated for an Oscar in 2014

In the network for several weeks walking funny video with the children in the lead roles. They played the heroes of films nominated for the "Oscar" this year. The mastermind behind the video became Maggie, the mother of two girls Sofia (3 years) and Sadie (2 years).

We want to see all these films. Maybe this funny viral video will make you see all the films. 67% of Americans have not even heard (not something that is not seen) these wonderful pictures. And you?
Dallas Buyers Club

The real story of Ron Woodruff, who in 1985 realized that had AIDS, and doctors reported that he left to live only 30 days. Not only did he survive, survived the timeline, so also knew how to be treated in an unconventional way, founded the club and began to sell drugs to the needy.

The photo Jared Leto as a transvestite

The Wolf of Wall Street

Jordan Belfort in 1987 established his own company, but was declared a fraud, to cope with the ups and downs of fate, drug dependence, and then wrote a book on how to achieve success.

The photo Leonardo DiCaprio in the role of Jordan

American Hustle

The plot is based on real life events. The FBI conducted a special operation Abscam, as a result of which it was necessary to catch traffickers in stolen goods. To this end, on Wednesday introduced a clever criminal agents. The circuit operation is the basis for the disclosure of corruption schemes arrangements.

The photo Bradley Cooper in the role of Richie Dimas


A touching drama about an old man, to believe in the "letter of happiness" of his son, who understood everything, but decided to give his father a piece of hope.

Photo: Bruce Dern (as Woody Grant) and Will Forte (as his son David Grant).


Theodore - a lonely man, a writer. To get rid of loneliness, buys an OS that fulfills all the wishes of the user. And ... I fall in love with the creature ...

In the picture Joaquin Phoenix in the role of Theodore

12 Years a Slave

Solomon Nortal was kidnapped while searching for a prestigious job. He had 12 years to wander the manor homes, serving arrogant owners.

The photo Chiwetel Ejiofor as Solomon

Captain Phillips

In early 2009, the ship's crew, led by the brave captain saved in the waters of the Atlantic from the Somali pirates.

In the photo frame from the movie


Filomena a teenager gives birth to the child. It is sent to the correction of the monastery, the child is adopted. The convent girl constantly humiliated, she finally escapes and looks for his son. She helps the journalist Martin Sixsmith, who heard a lot about how to help break down the house church life people.

The photo Judi Dench in the role of Phil, Steve Coogan as Martin


Two people from the death of the shuttle are in open space with no hope of salvation ...

In the picture George Clooney as Matt Kowalski. His companion Ryan Stone played by Sandra Bullock.

Actually, the film with the participation of children. Shown key scenes.


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