7 most bizarre discoveries customs

Very strange objects seized by Customs worldwide.
Some of them, more than strange :)

Perhaps the strangest thing ever seized by customs, has been found in Stansted Airport in 2007: an unexpected discovery - 10 human eyeballs floating in a jar of jam.

Coventry Airport, customs officials intercepted a rather unexpected time a pair of gloves with claws in the style of Freddy Krueger.

Staff at the airport in Munich was shocked when he discovered the head and skeleton in the luggage of two Italians during a routine X-ray scanning. The woman said that the remains belong to a member of their family, who died in Brazil, but would like to be buried in Italy. After the presentation of the relevant documents on the unexpected finding, the couple apparently went on their way.

At Heathrow, the African Prince, to study in Harvard was caught trying to smuggle cocaine valued at £ 163,000, hidden inside a hollowed-out bulbs.


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