10 of the most unexpected things that ever fell from the sky (10 photos)

We all know that the sky can give us rain, snow, hail or rain with snow, sometimes falling star. But there are cases when the fall from the sky and completely unimaginable things. For example:

Artificial cream

In Chester, South Carolina, dairy rains were common. The fact that the city was not far from the plant for the production of dry coffee creamer «Cremora», who had problems with the exhaust system. When she was blocked by clouds of artificial cream rose into the air and mix with rain and snow. And then it all spilled down on people.

Golf balls

Such rain can seem a blessing for golf enthusiasts. This is due to a miracle: the tornado struck up a water pond, located next to the golf course. After the tornado died down a rain of goals, attackers for many years in the pond, poured in another place.


It sounds like a nightmare or a plot of a horror movie, but it really happened with Eric Rice of Santo Antonio da Platina. Rice, being a cameraman, filmed the phenomenon on his camera. It is believed that this event took place the spider species Anelosimus Eximius, which hang on the trees, and weave a spider web out there; strong wind tore it, because of what the spiders and fell.

The human body

Imagine the shock experienced by Mary Fuller of San Diego and her eight-month baby, when the windshield of their car, peacefully standing in the parking lot collapsed human body. Later it was learned that the body of one of the colliding passenger air planes. As a result of the disaster killed 144 people.


The guys from Japan fished peacefully when the cow literally fell from the sky and sank their boat. Nobody believed in their history, but a few weeks later the Russian Air Force is not without embarrassment confirmed that the cow was transported by air, which during flight arranged bedlam, and it had to be reset, which was the cause of this strange incident.


While theologically, this phenomenon is considered a bad omen, there is a more plausible explanation frog rain. Simply put, this is due to a tornado on the waters-dwelling frogs in them. From the water forms a funnel, which draws frogs. When the wind finally dies down, the animals are falling down, it turns a rain of frogs.


What looked like pieces of beef, rain spilled into the courtyard of Allen Crouch. A few have tried it on taste, daredevils have suggested that it was a game. After due consideration has been found that this horse meat. It turned out that turkey vultures, (one of the most common species of birds of prey in the New World), ate meat and regurgitate it, passing by what they consider to be normal behavior.


We know about the two different "wormy Rain", one of them went over the Academy of Galashiels (United Kingdom), the other witness was a woman of Jennings (Louisiana, USA). The cause of the incident in the UK and has not found and the incident in Louisiana was written off in the tornado.


We all want the money to fall on us from the sky, but the lucky residents of the French town of Bourges, where Franks flew from the sky, and the people of Chicago, which poured rain from dollars. Similar cases were reported in England in 1968 and 1975.


Residents of La Sierra Choco in Colombia witnessed the terrible sight - blood pouring from the sky. Studies have confirmed that it was indeed blood, and the local priest considered it a sign for the sinners, and urged them to change their lives.


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