Features of life in North Korea

Imagine you were born in North Korea. Heating in the house? Good job? Higher education? Forget and get $ 2 per month for the factory. But first things first: life in North Korea, from birth to old age.

1. There is a great chance to be born prematurely or with defects that are associated with poor maternal nutrition during pregnancy:

2. 50% chance that you will be born in a family living below the poverty line. In this case, your diet is corn and kimchi. Note that you will be "very limited access to fuel for cooking and heatingĀ»:

3. Heated have, at best, by the stove, as it is highly unlikely that you will be in the house Heating:

4. Electricity in your home is only a few hours a day, if at all. Toilet in the house - a luxury available only to 50% of the population. Water is supplied only 2-3 hours per day:

5. If the parents decide to send you to a free public school, then they should be prepared to provide the school of "sand, cement, glass and other materials, as well as the money needed institution." They also have to pay for a desk and chair:

6. Part of the "training" days at school you have to devote to the work: collecting steel, copper, lead, paper recycling at industrial landfills and waste dumps:

7. In 7 years you will be pioneers [Korean Children's Union]:

8. C this moment you talk about Kim Jong Yne to as "the fatherĀ»:

9. This is not the only political organization in which you will have to start life:

10. At 13 you have to join the Red Young Guard. There you will be engaged in the initial military training of 300 hours per year:

11. In 17 years, all men are called to the Korean People's Army:

12. Women are encouraged to selectively, they are increased requirements:

13. Conditions in the army hard. Diet is hardly enough to withstand the heavy mode. The day lasts from 5 am to 10 pm. In the army, you will spend 10 years:

14. You join the Workers' Party of Korea. This is the only permitted political organization in the country:

Political parties

Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland (EDOF), established in 1946. The leading role in EDOF belongs to the Workers' Party of Korea. The structure of the front includes three parties:

The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) was established in October 1945. North Korea's ruling party, its leadership role is fixed in the Constitution.

Korean Social Democratic Party, founded in November 1945. Recognizes the leading role of the WPK.

Chondoist Chongu Party ("Party of young friends Religion of the Heavenly Way"), established in 1946. Recognizes the leading role of the WPK.

15. After returning from the army, you will be directed to the sector of the economy, which is currently the hardest working hands are needed. Most of the workers gets 2 - $ 3 per month, some have not been paid at all:

16. Get a college degree, you can only if you belong to the elite. For example, you were born in a family of high-ranking politician or military:

17. Life is the elite phones, cosmetics, coffee, meat, new clothes - all that is not available to most:

18. The state of your leadership in this is estimated at $ 5 billion:

19. None of the members of the government does not keep money in the country:

20. Although officially considered free medicine for recipes, heating and food in the hospital will have to pay:

21. You will not be able to receive real news from abroad. All information is carefully filtered state:

22. To leave the country, you will need a special permit:

23. The chances of surviving to old age are slim:

24. And so - at every step:


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