7 incredible stories of survival of babies (7 photos)

Newborn baby boy, who was found in a sewer pipe

This shocking incident occurred recently in China.

On May 25, one of the residents of an apartment building heard wafting from somewhere in the sewer children crying and called the police. The plot is about a two-hour rescue operation showed all Chinese news channels, the news quickly spread through the Internet. The boy stuck in a pipe with a diameter of 10 centimeters, and had to release him, breaking a pipe literally centimeters .. He was still in the placenta weighed 2, 8 kg, the skin on the head, arms and legs torn off in some places, but overall no major damage, Fortunately, it was not.

While the saved name Neonatal â„–59 - number of medical incubator, where it was placed. Every day, the Chinese bring to the hospital diapers, baby clothes, milk powder - just everything you might need baby. Already lined up a whole queue of those wishing to adopt the little sufferer.

Understand how the child ended up in the pipe, it was not easy, the police opened a criminal case under article "attempted murder».

A girl born after 21 weeks and six days after conception

Now Amil Taylor 18 months and parents call her "well-bred little lady." And in the first days of its life the girl showed a real fighting spirit. The fact that it has managed to survive - a miracle.

Amelia was born after 21 weeks and six days after conception. It is the smallest surviving premature infants in the world. Just look at the doll legs in the fingers of the doctor in the picture above to understand how it was crumbs. Amil birth weight was 284 grams, height - 25 cm. The skin was soft as rice paper.

The only reason why the doctor took up the "hopeless cause" her salvation - a mother desperate pleas.

The newborn girl who started crying in the morgue 12 hours after her death was set

Luz Milagros Veron (which translates as "marvelous light") - a strong year-old little girl with an incredible story of the birth. She was born three months before the due date and did not show signs of life. Doctors thought her stillborn and sent to the morgue. Now the girl is alive only because her parents insisted that they showed the body - to say goodbye. During "farewell", after 12 hours spent in a closed coffin, the girl stirred and began to cry. It was cold as ice, but definitely alive. Since then, Luz Milagros is growing by leaps and bounds, and becomes stronger with each passing day.

The baby, who spent 24 hours in a hole the battleship

This chilling story took place in 2006. Police found a newborn baby boy buried in a hole on the edge of a small armadillo Brazilian city. In this hole the child spent at least 24 hours. When the boy found he was still in the placenta, sticking out of the ground only the head, around which gathered a swarm of gnats.

At first, the baby seemed rescuers dead, but then it turned out that he just slept soundly. Once released from the baby's mouth zabivsheysya it lands, he wept.

The police managed to track down the child's mother. She was the 40-year-old Ferreira Guimarres, the mother of four more children, the youngest of whom at the time was five years old.

A child who immediately after birth fell through the toilet on the railroad tracks

This case is rightly called a miracle - a newborn girl fell into the hole in the toilet and the train survived. Pregnant Rinku Debi Ray was traveling with her husband and four-year son in Bihar (India), to her parents, where she was planning to have a second child.

On the train she had stomach ache, she went to the toilet and then the little girl was impatient to be born. Everything happened very quickly - the child jumped out of the mother's body in the toilet, which finishes with a hole leading straight on the road. The woman ran to her husband, who tore the emergency brake, and then the two ran to look for the child. Surprisingly, after such an adventure on the body of the girl was found serious damage - only minor bruises and scrapes.

The baby, who survived a fall from the eighth floor

This child, like some others on our list, obviously unlucky with his mother. What was this woman in the head is not known, but immediately after the birth, she dropped her son in the garbage disposal. On the eighth floor.

Fortunately, a pile of debris, which landed a kid, was soft and he survived. From time to time the accumulated garbage is compressed to make room - scary to think that it could happen soon after the poor kid was there. But then fate was on the side of the child - his crying was soon heard the worker, who called the police.

The boy was taken to a hospital in Brooklyn and now all is well with him.

Baby, survived a shot in the chest and three days without food or drink

The couple from Argentina were convinced - this world there are very few that soon because of global warming all have to painful death. The only way to spare their children from such a "terrible share" they considered murder. Then Francisco lottery and Miriam Coletti shot his son in the back of a two-year, seven-month daughter - in the chest, followed by a sense of accomplishment shot themselves themselves.

Three days later, the police received a call from neighbors who complained about the terrible smell from the apartment of crazy fanatics.

On opening the apartment, they found the bodies of officers of the law and the boy's parents. A baby survived -Despite the shot through the chest and three days without food or drink. Amazingly, as soon as it fell into the hands of doctors, then I started to recover almost instantly, and soon was completely healthy.


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