Survival kit

Russian specialists have developed a unique survival kit called NAE-7. Read more about it below.

This survival kit NAZ-7 (untouchable emergency supply). It was designed in 1968 to ship the Soviet Union, a reliable workhorse for the space flight, which is still used today. The set consisted of (from top to bottom and left to right): Makarov pistol and patronyKompas18 waterproof matches, a dry goryucheeNozh "Machete", a set of rybalkiStroboskop with spare akkumulyatorom8 signal ogneySkladnoy nozhAntenna3 pairs of woolen perchatokSignalnoe zerkaloMeditsinskaya kit type NAZ-7FonarikRadio R-855UM (R-855A1) 2 batteries "Surf 2-C" for radio3 woolen hats (balaclava)

In the event of an emergency landing, the gun could scare away "wolves, bears, tigers, and so on." Later, the Soviet survival kit been expanded to include fishing gear, improved warm clothes, a blue knit cap with the initials of the astronaut and fur boots like ugg.

Survival Kit cosmonaut, Moscow Polytechnical Museum

These kits have a special "combined arms" (rifle, shotgun and rocket launcher) designed specifically for the Russian cosmonauts. Orberg James wrote:

"The American astronauts who trained with the 1995-1997 year to visit the Mir space station, and then as part of the Soviet crew of the International Space Station, faced with a unique skill that astronauts have to learn: the shooting. They had to know how to load, aim and shoot from a special gun for survival, which was on board all ships of the Soviet Union throughout their 30-year history ".

TP-82 - triple-gun with a machete on the butt

TA-82 was designed for hunting, release flares and protection from hostile foreigners. The gun is also equipped with a removable machete for cutting bushes. Astronaut Jim Voss says that during training srelbe aboard the spaceship model on the Black Sea, as the target was used an incredible number of bottles of vodka.

By 2007, the ammunition for this exceptionally rare firearms has become impossible to find. For any other space program, this is likely to mean an end to the use of weapons in space. But Russian is not scared: Now astronauts visited the International Space Station with the usual semi-automatic. "Russia's participation means that on board the ISS have weapons - writes Orberg. - And a gun owned by Russian ". Many of these objects are now on display at the auction. Machete from the gun TP-82, for example, was bought at the price of 240 dollars.


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