Interesting, informative and frightening facts about food

Look and read a lot of interesting things. For example, did you know that:

Mosquitoes attracted to the smell of a man who had just ate the banana.
Further, many more of what you did not know before;)

Fruits and vegetables that we eat today contain significantly less
nutrients than in the days of our grandparents.
The researchers analyzed the composition of the 43 products from our everyday
diet and found that the protein content decreased by 6 percent,
Calcium - 16 per cent iron - by 15 per cent, vitamin B2 - 38 percent.

Today in chicken contains 266 percent more fat and 33 percent
Protein less than 40 years ago.
The problem is in the content and unnatural feeding animals on
Modern poultry farms.

A kilo of chips is about 200 times more expensive than a kilo of ordinary potatoes.

Smokers people better abstain from eating tomatoes and carrots.
The fact that beta-carotene is entering the smoker in response carcinogens
smoke itself becomes a carcinogen.

Manufacturers often indicate on the packaging of inaccurate data about calorie.
Study 269 products revealed that 20 percent of the caloric
It has been lowered to 100 or more units.
That is, if you try to count calories with each meal
eat 100 calories more,
than you need for a year you can gain about 13 kilos overweight.

Some widely used food coloring (mostly yellow and red)
can cause hyperactivity in children.
As luck would have it, that children's products are often brightly colored.

To get rid of calories obtained after eating at McDonald's french fries portion,
hamburger and a large Coke you have to walk seven hours straight.

As coating the inside of almost all cans and plastic
bottles for beverages and foods used resin
containing bisphenol A, which can cause problems with
reproductive function and obesity.

Today we drink twice as many calories than 30 years ago. And the problem is not so much in alcohol,
as in soft drinks and consumed large quantities of coffee and tea with sugar.


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