Transformation of a beautiful girl in a glamorous lady

This Xenia from Moscow.

Look. as in the two years since graduation

beautiful girl into a glamorous Kiso.

Spring 2010. Grade 11. Unspoiled and perfect child.

From this moment accept our countdown:

+ 3 months, graduation. Toilet bow is at all, so I will not blame the girl

Plus six months. Almost no changes.

Only leoperdovaya themes already hints ...

Seven months after the reference. Acquired is a webcam

It has been 10 months

It took 11 months. Pink face after cosmetic procedures.

That's just what? Botox?


The best party in our club. After a year and 2 months kitty goes to look for a sponsor clubs happiness.

Signet delivers

Year and three months

Year and a half. Leoperd brain and attempt to use fotozhop cat eyes.


Year and seven months. Mosaic assembled! Kish wines, people lost

Year and 10 months

Finish with a Monica Bellucci


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