Funnels, craters and collapsed roads all over the world

recent heavy rainfall in the UK has become the cause of failures in the land, destruction of buildings and roads disappeared. Let's look at some of the recent England and some of the biggest worldwide.

1. Over a failure, which opened at the entrance to the house in Walters Ash, Buckinghamshire.

2. A large crack in the house Shelter Magdalene at Ripon.

3. The direction of the path M2 in northern Kent was closed after deep hole 4, 5 meters has been found in the central part of the barrier.

4. On the Isle of Wight had to evacuate the families living along the route of Undercliff Drive because of the appearance of 6 meter failure.

5. In May 2010, a huge, almost perfectly round crater with a diameter of 20 meters and a depth of 30 meters suddenly appeared, engulfing three-storey building and a house in Guatemala. Authorities blamed the heavy rains caused by Hurricane Agatha.

6. The photograph from the National Corvette Museum is seen a 12-meter crater, which appeared under the museum, absorbing 8 Corvettes, including the historic White millionth Corvette 1992 model year.

7. The workers stand around the crater in the middle of the street in Beijing, China. According to local media, a sinkhole measuring 5 meters deep and 32 meters in diameter, came after an underground explosion plumbing.

8. In December 2001 Vayhay, New Zealand residential building collapsed in a huge hole the size of 50 meters wide and 15 meters deep. The family of five, including three children, escaped serious injury, despite the fact that the house fell into the abyss in the middle of the night.

9. In November 2010, a giant crater suddenly opened in a building in Guilin, South China's Guangxi Province. The pit formed around 2:30 am, when the whole family was in bed. Homeowner Penge Zeng said: "We heard a loud crack, and the earth trembled. We thought it was an earthquake. " The family ran outside, but was confused by the fact that the neighboring houses were steady; returning back inside, they found that a huge 2m deep hole mysteriously appeared in one of the rooms on the ground floor.

10. In the picture top view of a massive crater that appeared in a residential street in Shmalkaldene, Germany, in November 2010.

11. Analysis of the house in Tampa, Florida, last week, right under the bedroom opened hopper swallowing a man who slept in his bed. On Sunday, 37-year-old Jeff Bush was declared the Hillsborough County officials as "presumed dead" because the rescuers did not believe that his body was found. The hole was about 9 meters wide and 18 meters in depth, and was filled with mud and debris. It is unlikely that Bush's body will ever be found, officials said.

12. A man looks at the house, which began after the collapse of the tunnel nakrenyatsya in the Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi in March 2013. Uninhabited house, began to lurch after on a nearby road construction project collapsed tunnel.

13. In June 2012, firefighters rescued 70 - year-old woman who fell into a five-meter hole in its path. Firefighters were able to enlarge the hole and get the woman to safety. She visited doctors, who found several fractures. Injuries threaten her life was not.

14. Fire descends 10m deep hole that suddenly appeared on the road in Harbin, China, in August 2012. Two people died and two were injured ...

15. ... One of the wounded was a 14 - month girl who was rescued from the pit of fire.

16. In August 2009, the road to Hefei in China's Anhui Province suddenly collapsed, resulting in a single cab and three motorcycles were in the pit.

17. April 2011: Rescuers work at the site of a road cave-in Fengtai District of Beijing. The truck fell into the pit, but the driver was rescued, other casualties were reported.



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