Looks like a waterfall from the apartment high-rises

What happens if the apartment high-rises burst hot water pipe,
and on the street -20 degrees?
Look at the consequences of such accidents
in a small town in the north of China.

This amazing frozen waterfall appeared on one of the buildings in the city of Jilin, located in the northeast of the country after a 58-year-old seventh floor named Wen Hsiu left the hot water tap open all winter.
For 35 years he lived in a house that was recently decided to demolish to make room for the new shopping center. When representatives of the developer managed to buy all the other apartments in the house, the man is the only one who stayed in the house.

Winter Wen Xu became worried that the water running up the uninsulated pipes through uninhabited and unheated apartments freeze, and he will remain in his apartment without water. After thinking about this problem, an elderly Chinese man decided to leave the tap running in order to keep the temperature above freezing pipes. Chinese ingenious hose connected to the tap and threw it out the window on the back side of the house and the water all winter running down the walls of the house.

"The temperature of the water running in the pipes laid underground, above ground, and hence if this water will run through the pipes continuously to my house, they do not freeze. If the tube still frozen, I would really have to leave your favorite apartment. The construction company is doing everything that I quickly slipped away. But what they offer does not suit me. They offered me a house in another house, but this is not enough, I have lived in this apartment for too long, and if they want me to move, they have to offer me something else, "- he said.

Ironically picturesque waterfall, arranged older Chinese drew attention to his case the international media and officials. Chinese authorities call a construction company to resolve this issue so that they could continue construction.

"It warms up, so there is no danger of freezing pipes and I turned off the water. Although the fact that melted waterfall, take some time, "- said recently, Xu Wen.

"In any case, I hope that the representatives of the construction company do to me this time more favorable offer, which will satisfy me and I can leave. I'm very lonely here, I live alone in the house and I do not even talk to anyone "- said Xu


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