From the loop poacher volunteers rescued lynx (6 pics + 1 video)

In the forest, not far from Vilnius, the young lynx poaching entangled in the loop. Getting rid
independently chance she had, as a steel loop squeezed his neck. To help the animal
A group of volunteers. They started with the fact that prepared the spears made of wood.
And some began to push the weak, but still aggressive lynx to the ground, and the other at this time began to shoot
noose from his neck. After the liberation, she had lain down for about ten minutes and went into the woods.

There is nothing at hand was not, so they used spears, which presses the beast to the ground and held while removing the hinge.

Despite the fact that the lynx was very weak and could hardly breathe, she was ready to defend itself. Only five men managed to hold her gently to the ground. The loop has been very strong and flexible, it chopped off with an ax. Lynx did not realize that she was released.

She was breathing heavily, but after 10 minutes the animal escaped into the forest. It would be good in the future, she did not have to go through such a horror.

At the scene were the remains of a rabbit can be seen, lynx hit the loop when carrying prey.

Now trot must be far away from the place.



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