The researchers determined the order of the colors

A team of scientists from India, Turin and Rome decided to conduct a study, which looked at the way people see the world. work of scientists, published in the edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that the order when the color name is not linguistic, and physical underpinnings.

In particular, according to the researchers, in the earlier stages of the evolution of certain words people called color whose wavelength is easier to distinguish the human eye. For example, in people of any culture procedure cognition colors appeared to a universal - first goes black, followed by white, and then the red, green, yellow and blue.

According to scientists, the human eye is more sensitive to certain wavelengths and less for others - the eyes are able to distinguish the two colors only in the case where the length of the waves differ by any particular minimum value, the so-called resolution limit. For example, the red color of the eyes are more sensitive than the blue.

In its work, the scientists conducted an experiment using a computer model, which confirmed that people call the color in the correct order - red, fuchsia, purple, green, yellow, blue, orange and turquoise, and it basically corresponds to the order in which people named colors in different languages.


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