On the Origin of car logos

Logo "Mercedes" came up with a German design engineer Gottlieb Daimler. Once in a letter to his wife, he drew a star with three rays, which he wanted to see on their plant. But as such the company logo that sign was only in 1909, when Daimler already died. The idea of ​​his sons, three rays symbolize the supremacy of the stars on the ground, on the water and in the air. Another version - three people who gave life "Mercedes" - Wilhelm Emil Jellinek and the Mercedes Jellinek.

Originally used as an emblem of the rotating propeller. This is due to the fact that in 1916 the company was created through the merger of two small companies that produce aircraft engines. By 1920, the range of the propeller was divided into four parts and painted in traditional Bavarian colors - white and blue.

Leo on the logo Peugeot has always been (and is) the personification of the power of the company and its products. Even before the car "Peugeot" produced tools and springs, and then bicycles. But in general the lion is taken from the coat of arms of the region of Franche-Comté ...

The legend appears on the logo of a horse is as follows: the symbol was presented to Enzo Ferrari happiness parents famous pilot, hero of World War I, Francesco Baracca, the fuselage of the aircraft which was with the emblem of a rearing black horse.
Founded in 1929, the Ferrari racing team called Stable Ferrari - Scuderia Ferrari. Design Emblem Baracca was somewhat changed and acquired a modern look familiar to us: a horse standing on its hind legs, with a raised tail, on a gold background (color historic hometown of the founder - Modena). Were later added to the national colors of Italy.

The image first appeared on cars in 1952. The horse on the emblem was taken from the coat of arms of the city of Stuttgart (and there she appeared thanks to the old name - Stuten Garten - Garden mares), and the horns and color from the other arms - Vyurtenbergskogo kingdom whose capital was Stuttgart.

Four rings emblem on "Audi" means the merger of four companies - "Horch-Werke", "August Horch Automobil-Werke", DKV and "Wanderer". In 1964, Volkswagen bought the Audi, but the logo remained the same.

The red circle in this case is a symbol of the sun, and the blue rectangle - a symbol of the sky.

In 1905, Henri Citroen bought the patent for the manufacture of gears that were more advanced than competitors wheels. Inverted V on the logo "Citroen" - a schematic representation of the very gears.


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