American scientists have refused to believe in the existence of mermaids

Scientists from the US have found no evidence of the existence of mermaids. It is reported in the Tuesday, July 3, BBC News.

This statement was made in an article published US National Ocean Service (PDF), in response to requests from the public after the airing of a television program about a mythical creature. As noted in the publication, many took this show for the documentary.

According to representatives of the NSO Carol Kavanagh (Carol Kavanagh), the article was written from publicly available sources in view of the fact that the organization has no scientific programs mermaids. She added that the request in its service of the existence of these creatures have come from two people.

According to popular belief, the mermaid - half fish and half man. However, according to Russian folklore, this creature, also known as crackers, kupalkoy, Aqueous and other names, is very similar to human and has no fish tail.

If you believe the folk legends, mermaids are drowned. Their distinguishing feature - a loose hair that used to be unacceptable for ordinary peasant girls. This is how an expression: "He walks like a mermaid."


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