52 facts about food

1. 7% of Americans eat daily in restaurants McDonald's.
2. In 1995, the first time in the history of Japanese people ate more meat than rice.
3. British coffee with milk is called "white coffee».
4. apple brandy called Calvados.
5. Chocolate is about 3% of the sales volume of the company Nestle.
6. Charles de Gaulle once said about France: "How can you govern a country in which 246 kinds of cheese?".
7. Flemish naturalist Carl the XVI century Klose spoke about chocolate: "The more suitable for feeding hogs than for human consumption».
8. Fanta - the world's third most popular soft drink after the "Pepsi" and "Coca-Cola".
9. The sandwich was invented by John Montagu, the fourth Earl of Sendvichskim.
10. Roquefort cheese covered with mold "Penicillium Roquefort."
11. Dry wine is called dry because it completely ("dry") fermented sugar.
12. The world's largest cookbook called "Feasting scientists." Its author was the Athenaeum. Of the 30 volumes remained only 15.
13. Coffee drinkers have sex more often and enjoy more than those who do not drink coffee.
14. Since 1680 every Frenchman older than 7 years were required to consume 7 pounds of salt per year. For violation of this law, the perpetrator was sentenced to a fine of 300 livres.
15. In ancient Greece, wine is always mixed with seawater. Special receptacles for this, called a crater.
16. In the Middle Ages it was believed that chicken soup is a good aphrodisiac.
17. Each year, the world is going to about 200 thousand tons of chanterelles. The price of one kilo of chanterelles on the international market - $ 8.
18. Typically, the fish is served white wine and meat - red. Tuna - the only fish, which is served red wine.
19. Mayonnaise was invented by the French commander of the XVIII century. Louis Kril'on.
20. During the reign of King Louis XIV (1638-1715) at the court was extremely popular asparagus.
21. More than 40% of the world's almonds is the production of chocolate.
22. The first real restaurant opened in Paris in 1764. His holder named Boulanger was selling ready-made meals overnight. Next
23. Trokenbeerenauslese German wine is made from a rare grape variety that qualified vintner could spend a whole day to collect 1 bottle of the grape of the wine.
24. In Ukraine Varenukha called alcoholic drink from welded together vodka, honey, dried apples, pears, cherries.
25. Popular in China and on Java island soup "Swallow's Nest" is made from the nests of swifts.
26. There are more than 20,000 varieties of beer.
27. The Norwegian beer soup kitchen called ёlebrod.
28. Grapes explode in a microwave oven.
29. The Italian proverb says that the salad should prepare four chefs: stingy, philosopher, glutton, and a painter. Miserly should spice up a salad with vinegar, philosopher - salt, mot - pour the oil, and the artist - mixed salad.
30. In addition to traditional Italian pizza dough must be present: fresh tomato sauce, cheese "mozzarella" and parsley leaves. These three components are not only pizza cooking, but also a symbolic meaning - they form the colors of the Italian flag.
31. In the Middle Ages in Europe from the East carried mainly two kinds of products: spices (pepper, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, ...) and tissue, also known as "coarse spices."
32. In the red (or pink) grapefruit more vitamin C than normal (yellow).
33. In some parts of China in the tea instead of sugar put salt.
34. When Alexander the Great brought back from his Indian campaigns in Greece cane sugar, he was immediately nicknamed "Indian salt".
35. Coffee - it is the second largest commodity in international trade. First - gasoline.
36. boiled water cooled champagne faster than crude.
37. Russia to drinks attributed only cocoa, coffee, chocolate and tea.
38. Cucumbers are 96% water.
39. Each year, the world consumes about 560 billion eggs.
40. For the first time rice was imported into Russia in the time of Peter I. Then it was called "Saracen wheat."
41. First place in Tahiti takes income of course tourism, and the second - ... beer production.
42. As at the end of 1998. During its existence the company "McDonalds", founded in 1948, has sold more than 100 billion hamburgers.
43. Green tea contains 50% more vitamin C than the usual black.
44. In the US, sold about 800 items of drinking water.
45. Lemons with a thin skin with thick juicy lemon peel.
46. ​​In the 17th century in Turkey were forbidden to drink coffee. Broke the law immediately executed.
47. For the production of Roquefort cheese from sheep's milk is used.
48. Every day in the UK to drink about 185 million cups of tea.
49. The Mayans were obtained from guinea pigs very tasty meat and excellent fluff.
50. The favorite drink of the American president Richard Nixon was a dry martini.
51. During his lifetime, a person consumes about 40 tons of various foodstuffs.
52. Annually more than 110 mln. Tons of sugar: 60% of the sugar cane and 40% from sugar beet.


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