The most dangerous corners of our planet


The mountain range of northern Siberia, due to low temperatures, avalanches and snow pits area maloissledovanna.

Madagascar. Island nation located south-east of the African continent. Due to the large amount of poisonous insects entrance tourists strictly zapreschёn.

The Amazon River, the most dangerous place in the world, a paradise for piranhas, anacondas 10 meter, poisonous spiders, wasps, bees and mosquitoes giant. Without physician and instructor not walk vyhodit.

Sahara desert - a place where there is no water, no protection from the sun. During the reign of the Pharaohs, Egypt lost about 500-600 caravans per year. About the fierce heat of this hellish place rumored to this den.

River "Tiana" - the birthplace krokodilov.

Impassable "Kazakh Marsh" swamp area of ​​300 thousand gektar.


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