Scientists have explained the bottom of the bottle breaking when struck his hand on the neck

Scientists decided to demonstrate how broken bottom of the bottle with carbonated water, if you hit a hand on her neck, the resource Technology Review.
As is known, this is due to the fact that fluid cavitation occurs: the impact on the neck of the top there is a sharp decline in pressure, which in turn, leads to boiling of the liquid and formation of voids. Thereafter, the bubbles collapse, but at a rate about 10 times greater than the rate of formation of voids. As a result, the shock wave reaches the bottom of the bottle, and it is broken.

In its work, the scientists have placed on the bottom of the bottle accelerometer and recorded experiment on high-speed video, the results of which you can see below. As can be seen, glass breakage occurs later than the impact itself.

Note that this experiment fails with an empty bottle and carbonated liquids, since the latter is not a shock wave: quickly fill the voids with carbon dioxide.


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