Results of 2013 for Tesla Motors: $ 2 billion in revenue and plans to take over the world

Published financial report Tesla Motors for the 2013 . The company sold 22,477 vehicles in the amount of more than two billion dollars. In 2014 this figure is expected to increase by 55%, as it is planned to complete the creation of a whole network of high-speed elektrozapravok in the US, which should spur sales growth. On the same year, is scheduled to begin implementation of the most ambitious plans of the company - the construction of its own plant for the production of Li-ion batteries, with the force of all the other plants in the world put together, and the beginning of active development of third-generation electric vehicle, which will cost 30 - 40 thousand dollars in comparable to the characteristics of the Model S and will allow Tesla Motors to win a truly mass market.

So far, the company's main product - a sedan Model S. This year is expected to begin deliveries crossover Model X, which will be built on the same platform as the Model S (60% of the parts have to be identical). Only after that Tesla Motors will focus on a new third generation models.

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The plans Elon Musk build its own plant battery has been known for quite some time. According to the director market research firm Global Equities Research Chovdri Tripa (Trip Chowdhry), Plant может be built in partnership with Panasonic and Sanyo in the southern United States, in the state of New Mexico. Tesla has not officially commented on this information. The annual report of the company said that it will be a vertically-integrated production - from processing raw materials to manufacture of finished panels. Musk previously promised that the plant will meet the most stringent environmental standards, in particular, its energy will provide solar power. The plant will allow three years to produce about 500,000 vehicles a year.

In addition, it seems, Musk seriously aimed for another promising market - stationary batteries for solar power plants. The fact that the battery becomes unusable in the vehicle after its capacity drops to 70% - 80% of the original, since it considerably reduces the mileage per charge. Whereas for stationary battery capacity to weight ratio - secondary characteristics and battery on a used car can be for many more years to serve in the power plant to the full development of the resource. A few years after the start of mass production Musk will own huge stock removed from the car, but still quite suitable batteries.



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