What do the serial numbers on the bottom of the lighter Zippo?
A friend of mine explained that fans Zippo always discuss (possibly) the hidden meaning of points, recesses and figures at the bottom of their lighters. Then he gave me good advice - to look on the internet. So I went to and even for someone who is not interested in lighters, not to mention the Zippo, I must say, it was interesting. The answer is given in the section of frequently asked questions and reads as follows: "The rooms at the bottom of our lighters Zippo - an identification number, by which we can know in what month and year did this or that was made lighter. For more information about these markings, please visit the "Bottom Up", where you will find the marking of all years, from 1993 to the present day. " No, the "upside down" - it's not a dirty site - there's just written, to which he belongs any markings. Thus, if you have, for example, ordinary lighter with "\\\" mark on the right side, it means 1982. Nevertheless, the same mark on the left side will mean either 1982 or 1983. It's all so exciting that I seriously thought about starting to smoke, so that I have a reason to collect lighters Zippo.


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