Interesting facts of military history

Hils Danish king, who ruled in the years 1104-1134, had the small army that ever existed in the world. It consisted of 7 people - his personal assistants. With this army he ruled Denmark 30 years and in that time a part of Denmark were also large parts of Norway and Sweden, as well as some parts of northern Germany.

In England during the time of James I to become a soldier, it was enough to drink beer by the king and take away recruiter advance - one shilling. Recruiters walked the beer, were treated to beer and mug lying on the bottom of said Schilling. After some time, all British, who were treated to a beer mug at first long examined the light.

In 1896, between Britain and Zanzibar there was a war, which lasted exactly 38 minutes.

In 1249 the soldiers fled from Bologna to Modena, taking the old oaken bucket, from which watered his horse. Bologna authorities demanded that they were not a deserter and a tub. Having been refused, Bologna Modena start against the war, which lasted for 22 years and is accompanied by significant destruction. A bucket is still in Modena and is stored in one of the towers of the city.

During the Second World War, the Germans in Holland in great secrecy built airfield layout. Aircraft hangars, vehicles, air defense systems - all made of wood. But one day the British bombers flew in and dropped at the airfield false one single bomb, and then stopped the construction of the airfield. The bomb was wooden.

During the Franco-Prussian War, the French army were machine guns.
But despite the obvious advantages, nobody used them because of security reasons, developers do not have written instructions for the machine gunners !!! By the way, Nikolay II did not liked automatic weapons. He believed that because of the machine guns and automatic rifles army can remain unloaded.

In Switzerland, pigeon army post was abolished a few years ago, and in Britain only in 1947, abolished the post of the person obligated at the time of the invasion Hapoleona to England to shoot out of a cannon.

According to the Hamburg Institute for Security, for the past half century the US Air Force during military exercises, as well as a result of accidents lost 92 nuclear bombs that are on the bottom of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

An American aircraft in Vietnam, a missile struck their self same.

In the state of Hebraska you can buy for $ 25 Admiral diploma.
Absolutely true, giving the right to command all the warships. However, only in the state. For information: Hebraska is located in the heart of the United States, and to the nearest beach on all sides by two thousand kilometers.

When the writer Arkady Averchenko during the First World War brought to one of the versions of the story on the military theme, censor struck out from it the phrase: "The sky was blue." It appears from these words enemy spies might guess that it took place in the south.

The our Colonel Yermolov, the future hero of the War of 1812, it is very interesting to have the rank of general. He spoke boldly with his colleagues, who were above him in rank, they are jewels for him the rank of general. Still, to hear such bad things from the general not so offensive.

A Siamese king, retreating ordered to bombard enemy cannons are not cores and silver coins. The enemy is completely disorganized and won the battle.

By the way, you know, like a Greek spy Sinon persuaded the Trojans to bring the horse into the city? Havral them that the Greeks have specially made such a big horse, so the Trojans, God forbid, they brought him into the city. The Trojans have been known to even dismantled the wall to make enemies out of spite.

During the War of 1812 for no reason at all killed the mass of Russian officers. In the dark, the soldiers of the common people relied on the French language and some Russian officers and language else (except the French) do not really know, and spoke French cleanly and competently.

One of the most efficient units in the Russian army 200 years ago there was a camel cavalry, which is not very fond of our opponents. Firstly, camels large, and secondly, unpleasant spit. It is a pity that they had to be abolished.

As you know, the war was considered a very expensive affair. So, in November 1923 in Germany, decided to calculate the amount of military spending in the first world war. It turned out that the war has cost the former empire ... 15, 4 pfennig - as a result of inflation Reichsmark fell by this time exactly a trillion times!


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