Command post "The Rock"

In the 1930s along the western "old" (ie until 1939) the boundaries of the USSR was based nodal system of fortifications, which consisted of fortified from the Karelian Isthmus to the shores of the Black Sea. While in the Soviet Union, these fortifications was never officially called the "Stalin Line", the name stuck them through the German propaganda and Western presse.

Korosten scheme to strengthen the Area №5. Korosten fortified №5. Kreschanov A.P.Geraymovich SA

How to build this point we leave ... And then I'm probably tortured history of all =)

All available today schema object based on copies of documents received by the German intelligence since 1938 (this despite the fact that the object is a top-secret) and measurements made by German engineers in the 1941-42 year. According to historical queries in a central archive Russian Defense Ministry no documentation of the KP "The Rock" no.

A scale model of the bunker "The Rock" is housed in a thick granite.
The property consists of three levels, is now available for visits only average. The total length of corridors average - 146 meters, the estimated upper 200 meters of the ground almost unknown. Transitions from secondary to other levels were concreted in 1941, in addition there is information that the upper and lower levels are also mined - it's one of the reasons why the Germans did not use the facility for fear of Soviet radio-controlled bombs. The number of rooms in height from 2, 5 to 4 m - 36, their total area - 472 square meters, the length of the corridor - 156 m, their width - 1, 1 m, the total amount of the underground complex - 1121 m³. All of this is protected from possible air strikes half meter layer of concrete, 18-meter layer of granite massif and 20 meters of sand and clay soil. Outside approaches to the bunker masked and above them was stretched special protivobombnaya network.
In addition, special looped corridors at the entrance, one and a half and three-ton doors, vestibules degassing own source of drinking water, electricity generators, filters and air regeneration, borrowing increased atmospheric pressure (air dam) to 40 mm of water column, and so on, do not only invulnerable tank weapon 30s, but also allows survive a nuclear konflikt.

Polutoro- trёhtonnye door and inlet hopper. At the entrance corridor specifically splits and there are two polutoratonnye doors - in the case of a direct hit by a blast wave goes around and come through the parallel corridor or redeem herself without hitting the inner pomescheniya.

Before entering the vestibule degassing, the employee is fully undresses, takes a special shower, and then the new clothing comes into the underground complex. All these procedures not only provide protection against chemical and biological weapons, but also allow to control that anything "extra" not zanosili.

Apart from an artesian well, the complex is equipped with two storage systems and water treatment: drinking and service. Tank for drinking water covered the inside with silver, and cranes are placed so low that only allow to draw water into jars or cups. This is done to ensure that drinking water would be used only for its intended purpose.

Independent ventilation, air purification and regeneration. Powered by an electric motor as well as on the hand-drawn. Among other things, allows to increase the pressure in the hopper 40 atmospheres, to prevent the ingress of poisonous substances in the complex.
Now bunker placed local museum of Civil Defense, where a lot of interesting exhibits.
As with any other command post at the time, the primary means of communication were telephone lines that are still working. The stern of the communication in the bunker has a separate room for the team with the reception. From the office also has access to the upper level set, but today it is closed. Often hopper associated with the name of Stalin, but any facts indicating that the hopper is directly built especially for him not. Also on the second level, there is no average Germans inflicted on the plan a secret room. Now it is empty, it is assumed that there was supposed to be a cryptographer.


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