Walk on the basis of nuclear missiles

This post is about the Museum of the Strategic Missile Forces under Pervomay. In Soviet times, it was a super-secret missile base. Here in the mines were missiles with nuclear warheads aimed at the United States. Now here the museum - all you can see, touch and even press the very "red" button. There are not many of these museums. This - the only one created on the basis of real military missile parts. After the collapse of the USSR in Ukraine is 176 intercontinental ballistic missiles. Almost half - were in the mines under Pervomayskom.

20 years ago to enter the territory of the base was impossible. Around - seismic sensors, the system radioluchevogo detection, electric grid and even mine pole.

Since 2002, the museum here. In the halls of interesting little - maps the former military base, standard exhibits from the Second World War, all sorts of household items and documents. The most careful attention should be paid only a portion of the first hall - with models of missile silo and underground command post. But we have them uvidim.

Layout of the underground command post. In fact, it dvenadtsatiurovnevy metal container suspended in a standard missile silos. The lower level of the command post located at a depth of 33 meters (there we still go down) .

Guides - former members of the missile parts. Mental rebyata.

Exit the halls. Ahead - the most interesting. The main exhibit of the museum - intercontinental ballistic missile RS-20 "Voivod". By NATO classification - SS-18 «Satan». Beauty!

Some figures. RS-20 missiles "Voivod" weighs 211 tons, 34 meters long and 3 meters in circumference. Maximum range of flight - 15,000 km. Inside - 10 warheads with an explosive equivalent of 750 kilotons of TNT each. To understand much does it exemplify rocket men - three of these missiles would be enough to completely destroy Ukrainu.

Frankly, in fact on the territory of Ukraine of such missiles (SS-20 "Voivod") has never been. The missile was brought after the renunciation of nuclear weapons - as a museum piece. In Ukraine, including a Day, missiles are easier - RS-22 (SS-24 «Scalpel»). Firing range of 10,000 km. But the museum for some reason they do not. But there are a few dozen smaller missiles. Basically - uchebnye.

Destroy the missile base started in 1994. Part blew, and some - just filled up with debris and filled with concrete. Last silo-launcher blasted in 2001. This silo-launcher - the only one in the whole country, which is partially preserved. Mine poured concrete about two-thirds, made a nest inside the swallows. The cover weighs 120 tons, it is fully reclines just 8 sekund.

Next to mine - transporters. They were used exactly twice - when in 1985 brought a new missile, and in 1994, when uvozili.

So looks like the top underground command post. Withstand a direct hit by a nuclear boegolovki.

Next - the entrance to the old command center. It was used until the end of the '70s, now boarded up and zabroshen.

On the base (on the surface) nobody went, all movement - only underground. Underground tunnels are called inspection gallery. Depth - 3 metra.

On the walls are laid all sorts of cables and other communications. Almost as in metro.

Refrigeration facilities. Provides the desired temperature. All systems are in working order. To the delight of tourists include the ventilation system. Buzzing strashno.

After going 155 meters on an inspection gallery, get to the top floor of the command post. In fact, every floor - a small circular room. Inside the cramped - the diameter of a little more than three meters. Little detaley.

Combination Lock command punkta.

Went down. Tourists are allowed only on the 11 level (second from bottom) - in itself a command post. From here you can run ten raket.

Command post itself can withstand a direct hit by a nuclear warhead. There are air chair - to rescue from the shock wave is not squashed on the walls, they were fastened remnyami.

The same "red" button. In fact - gray and dull. Need to launch a rocket on two consoles at the same time press the button and turn klyuchi.

At the command post duty officers at the rank just not under Major. In peacetime, for two people, in the event of a threat of war - threes. According to the guide, a retired rocketeer on enhanced service for all the time they were transferred only twice - in 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis in 1968 and after the Prague vesny.

Climb to the ground and go to consider samples of rocket engines of different periods. They were here a few desyatkov.

Here - the engines of "Satan", "Stiletto" and missiles poprosche.

Lies next to the R-12. Does not look very scary, but precisely because of them started in 1962 Cuban missile crisis. Such missiles could easily become the main weapon of the Third mirovoy.

In general, this place is absolutely recommended to visit)).


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