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Company Drivesavers At Macworld 2006 showed a couple of his drives on hard disks that were released with a difference of 20 years (photo from

Permanents - device for curling hair sample in 1938. One session "elektrobigudey" dollar cost (photo from

Well, it's probably all know ... So the picture on a computer screen (screenshot) did in the early 1980s: Polaroid camera was connected to a monitor ATARI 800 special socket (photo from

1961. "Radio» Norelco Auto Mignon (Norelco - a company owned by Phillips), designed for small vinyl records. Is this not "grow legs" at the cutting edge CD-radio with a slot loader? (Photo from

"Object 279" - chetyrёhgusenichny heavy tank with the body of the original form, which, according to the engineers was to prevent overturning wave tank of a nuclear explosion. (Taken from the site

The first microphone used for telephone Alexander Graham Bell. It was called "liquid transmitter» (Liquid Transmitter). 1876.

But this is the first IBM PC XT (XT stands for Extended Technology - Enhanced technology). Year - 1983 Price - $ 7545. Processor - Intel 8088, 4, 77 MHz, 8-bit data bus. RAM - up to 640 kilobytes. You can connect 101-key keyboard.

The first embodiment of a portable IBM PC, 13, 6 kg. Configuration: Intel 8088 at 4, 77 MHz. RAM: 256 to 640 kilobytes. One or two floppy disk drive (360 kilobytes), possibly (but not necessarily) the presence of 10MB hard drive. 1984.

Photo of an old computer equipment in the bank Chase Manhattan Bank, made Levinym Arthur (Arthur Lavine). Image taken from the site

Modular system Moha 1965 with pedals.


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