Galactic facts about Star Trek

Name Lieutenant Uhura Swahili as "freedom»
Martin Luther King Jr. Nichelle Nichols talked (lt. Uhura) to leave the project "Star Trek: The Original Series»
Popular phrase "lift me up, Scotty" was never pronounced in this form or in series or in the movie "Star Trek».
Deputy juror at the hearing "Uaytvoter" 1996 wore uniforms during a meeting with a phaser and tricorder laptop from the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Later, she was released from his duties for a conversation with a journalist.

The hero of the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation" Geordi La Forge was named chet George La Forge, loyal fans of the original series "Star Trek." George LaForge suffered from muscular dystrophy, he's measures in 1975.
Lucille Ball of "I Love Lucy", the head of Desilu Productions, which created the original Star Trek, alone saved from closing the show during the first season. As a result, the show closed on the third season after 79 episodes. Then he got a huge popularity after the spread on TV.
In the initial stages of production series Star Trek was called "Caravan to the stars" after the popular 1957 western "Caravan».
Researcher at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory were wearing false "Spock ears" during the tracking of the spacecraft Mariner 5 in the orbit of Venus in October 1967.
Of all the TV series "Star Trek" was the highest rated in the series "Star Trek: The Next Generation».
The popular 2011 film "Star Trek" - is the eleventh film franchise. The film earned critical acclaim, and its box office was higher than that of any previous film series.
Star Trek consists of six series: The Original Series, animated series, The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise, all they consist of 726 episodes.
Initially, the pilot episode of Gene Roddenberry considered to be the "number one" (first officer) in the command of Captain Pike's his girlfriend (and future wife) Majdel Barrett. However, the management company NBC required to cut this character, fearing that the audience can not develop positive feelings about such a strong female character.
First broadcaster NBC asked Gene Roddenberry get rid of "the guy with the pointy ears," in part because they were worried about his "Satanic" appearance. Fortunately, Roddenberry refused to cut Spock.
Most male Vulcan name begins with the letter "C", and women with a "T" followed by an apostrophe.
During the first season of "The Next Generation" on the door of Patrick Stewart hung a sign saying "Beware of unknown Shakespearean actor»
DeForest Kelley (1920-1999) was the first actor of the original series, appeared in the "next generation". In addition, he died first among the actors of the original composition.
In the initial stages of the Borg had the image of insects, but they took its final shape because of the limited budget. However, the theme of the show left the hive.
Enterprise usually can operate safely on the engine deformation space of 1 to 9, 2. Traveling with strain 10, as in the TV series "Star Trek: Voyager", people mutate and turn into large creatures, similar to salamanders. However, in the last episode of the previous series "The Next Generation", under the title "Everything is good", the spacecraft travels Federation under distortion equal to 13.
In the original series uniform color defines the role of its support for the Enterprise. Gold means that its owner - a member of the team. Blue color uniforms belongs scientists, including doctors. Red indicates that its owner is to support service, for example, is connected, an engineer or a security guard.
Ferengi, the name of the alien race, translated from Persian as "foreigner»
Vulcans have teeth that are not found in humans, such as the prior trehbugorkovye. The heart is located where a human is the liver and it is several hundred beats per minute. Vulcans do not have an appendix.
Divorce in the style of Klingon means to slap his wife, to repeat the words «N'Gos tlhogh cha!» (The end of our marriage) and her husband spit in his face.
According to the Klingon myth of the creation of Adam and Eve destroyed their gods, and "drew the heavens to ashes»
The role was originally offered Spock DeForest Kelley (Dr. McCoy)
Most Vulcans - vegetarians, and they did not touch the food hands if they are not put on special gloves.
When Spock sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise from destruction Kahn in the movie "Wrath of Kahn," Kirk said the words: "Of all the souls I've met in travels, his was the most ... human»
Originally Spock was coined as red alien with a plate in the center of the abdomen. He did not eat or drink, but ate the energy directed at the plate on his stomach.
"Star Trek" in 2009 dedicated to Gene Roddenberry and his wife Barrett Majdel.
Director of "Star Trek" (2009) JJ Abrams glued fingers Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock, so that he could perfectly portray Vulcan salute.


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