Bento, or "Mom taught not to play with food ..."

Bento - Japanese version of the packed lunch, which is usually taken to work or to school children and adults. This kind of food is divided into two parts: one half - rice, other - vegetables, fish, meat or eggs. This is a kind of traditional fast food, you can order it in a restaurant, you can buy in any supermarket or make yourself at home.

Generally, the ingredients for the Bento-box is taken in the following proportions: 4: 3: 2: 1 parts. That is part 4 of rice, 3 pieces of meat or fish, vegetables 2 parts, 1 part of pickled vegetables or dessert. Bento for correctly handling the following gadgets: aluminum cups with antibacterial coating, plastic cups for different appetizers, molds for hard-boiled eggs and special transparent rice, disposable for children's lunches - on the bottom of the encouraging signs like, "Ah, yes well done, all eaten! "paper or plastic" razdelyalki "for different dishes in one tarelochke.

Of course, the Japanese does not belong to a monopoly on "bullying" over eating:

And just a few pictures of the topic ...

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