New world?

Everything flows, everything changes ... and strange to us today, it is quite possible notions become commonplace tomorrow ...

Rotating UFO-home (UFO-Homes) from the French company Soleil Domes (Solaleya Domes) - this is a very technologically advanced and environmentally friendly homes. At the heart of a small building mechanical structure, which gently rotates due to the energy generated by solar panels on kryshe.

UFO house (UFO-Homes) not only offer a new trend in the global approach to the construction, but also considered the most serious problems of modern architecture. Here's how to describe his creation of designer Patrick Orizhin (Patrick Origine) 44,817,354

The concept of homes based on immutable truths.

Firstly, shape. Our feet are constantly discharged curves around us, our field of vision covers precisely curved shape. Just look up, right, left, down - we see exactly circular oblast.

Circle sfera- best form that we see in all that surrounds us - from shellfish, seeds, burrows and nests, completing forms on our planet, and other galactic objects. The whole Western world, with its Greco-Roman architectural thought, was formed from these forms that have long accompanied mankind.

In the womb we live in a curve of the spherical area. We do not tend to equilibrium in the environment of right angles. However, in the last few centuries, we live it in the corner areas, not realizing that these forms have nothing to do with the fact that by nature we are destined from birth. Man should breathe clean air and to live in peace, consuming local products. Return to the curved shape is to weaken our relationship with the world and create its concentration on us. Spirituality spherical shape hidden for centuries in the domes of Christian churches and Buddhist, Muslim mechetyah.

Domes are made of FSC-certified wood, ecological, excellent heat resistance and modularity is not in doubt. To improve the fire resistance of walls treated with absorbent carbon, which slows down the penetration of oxygen to poverhnosti.

That, at the same time, increases resistance to rotting. According to experts, the resulting structure is stronger than concrete. When disposing of the houses we do not get off noxious and toxic emissions that makes the burning of polystyrene, plastic coatings. Cedar roof domov- another nice detail. Residence ballroom stands 5 hurricanes and earthquakes of up to 8 points on a scale MSK. The rotating structure will "go away into the shadows" and turn to face the sun, depending on the desires zhiteley.

Agree that in a completely "new" house would be appropriate and new forms of our usual things ... Spanish designer Oscar Diaz (Oscar Diaz) was inspired by the experience of virtual reality and proposed to revive the calendar is quite material. On a white field with dates, in accordance with the gradual passage of time, apply bright black beautiful color, reminiscent of cocktail with ice cream blueberry, strawberry and raspberry. Each month, you need to set in place show a clean sheet and a new jar of ink. Every day a new ink stained figure, which, according to the authors, should sotvetstvovat kalendarnoy.

A professional in the industry of industrial design, Ross Lovegrove (Ross Lovegrove), created the design of these watches for the Japanese fashion brand Issey Miyake (Issey Miyake). Watch called "Hu" (Hu) - short for "Human" (human), in the lane. from English. "Human." Watch user's wrist wrapped their silicone bracelets; You can choose black, gray and white design. The dial itself is offset from the center line of the design 25 degrees to the right.

Spanish designer Oscar Diaz (Oscar Diaz) has created this stunning collection of vases. Inserted into each other, a vase of blue, green and red colors give birth to a new hue. Vase blown glass by hand. Superimposed on each other, creating a special color glass - all of vases selected a shade of red, green and blue, which when applied to shade each other creates a purple vase When inserted into each other, thanks to the birth of this new lighting color. Accuracy shades vases was designed on a computer.

Designer Sunmen Kwon (Sunman Kwon) continues religion of love proclaimed by The Beatles (The Beatles) on the level of primitive human needs - in the use of that same cup of coffee - he proposed to relive pleasant moments are born in the soul of the highest feelings, associations and memories ... Or simply that makes think about love, even just for coffee.

This is - something on the line between a joke and a mockery ... Degert Senzhiz (Deger Cengiz), a New York inventor, offered to avid gardeners cross pot plants with a watering can. The purpose of the invention is not entirely clear - and the pots uncomfortable, and gardener. Objects are connected in such a way that the water from the watering can is tilted goes directly into the pot with the plant. The angle under which most of the time there is a pot allows the plant to seek up and bristling in leyku.

This kit invented Ineke Hans (Ineke Hans). The designer wanted the devices looked heavy and strong, but at the same time, using the elements of the historic decor. First set looks very simple; but engraved pen is a good and graceful addition.

The designer who created this amazing collection of very fragile and living glasses Smelik Pascal (Pascal Smelik), inspired by the uniqueness of all natural phenomena. Every element, every natural phenomenon is unique - so the author decided to make each product created. The technology is fairly simple; Pascal poured hot wax into cold water, and from the resulting forms made of glass blocks for low tide. The collection is called "Glass Wax" (Kaarsrecht Glas). To create a series of glasses it took about a box of wax svechey.

According to the magazine Yankodizayn (, is the most interesting fixtures started recently. Rate choice!

Is a pity to throw away damaged items - split a piece of strayed or pen. Daniel Rawlings (Daniel Rawlings), a graduate of the University of Kingston (Kingston University), proposed a design decision: to set the nozzle plates of the thermo-sensitive plastic, and waste is converted ... in a vase! The technology is very simple. The nozzle is made of plastic, which, under the influence of temperature, is compressed. Because of this attachment can be set very tightly in the cup or other object, the appropriate diameter. If you are tired of the vase in this version, you can also by a nozzle temperature transplanted to another predmet.

Soft toys - interior accessories made in the form of birds wrapped in cloth, presented by Dutch designers Maarten Kolk (Maarten Kolk) and Gus Custers (Guus Kusters) .Seraya heron, owl and Blackbird mounted on an oak base and called "avifauna". According to the creators of the avifauna, nature has long been hungry for the materialization of its beauty, form and language of forms of non-living materials. Using mannequins birds, rather than stuffed animals that are not visible under the fabric, not only keeps what is not created by man, but also emphasizes the fragility and beauty of the natural creations.

"The stark tube" - a name invented for his invention Ukrainian designer Alexander Mukomelov. The target audience of the designer describes as:
"Absolutely fearless defenders, who are used to all the difficulties and dangers.
Men walking on the razor every day.
Those who know firsthand the words of honor and courage. "

Lebedev Studio has offered the world a new perspective on ordinary paper clip. Prior to that paper clips were all the same and they were not, perhaps, nothing interesting. Until "Skrepkus."

Young designers Riccardo Nannini (Riccardo Nannini), Domenico Orefiche (Domenico Orefice) and Emanuele Pitstsolorusso (Emanuele Pizzolorusso) showed his curious invention at the exhibition Dismettiamola (Dismettiamola!) In Milan. Shopping consists of fifty baskets inserted into one another. When the top layer is filled, it must be easy to remove and throw.

New design idea - the monetization of bytes. Author of the idea: Sink Sink (5.5) Dizayners (Cinq Cinq (5.5) Designers). The idea is very metaphorical: the volume of your memory = your value, the wealth of the individual.

Well, we wait and see, as they say ...


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