The smartest child in the world

The smartest kid in the world Guinness World Records recognized the nine-year resident of Egypt Mahmoud Wael Mahmoud having the highest among its peers absolute indicator of IQ and mentally capable of performing complex arithmetic operations with multi-digit with the speed of your computer.

Experiments have shown that intelligence and speed to solve complex mathematical problems young genius has surpassed all known Egyptian scholars. Experts say that Mahmoud, due to its unique natural abilities, may, within the next five years to go to university. To date, the boy was a few years ago received his primary education and now trained on the individual program. The world's leading computer companies have provided training for a unique baby all the most modern programs.

Himself a little genius in the future dreams of becoming a doctor like his dad, and leisure time multiplication and division in the mind of nine-digit numbers. "My dream is still to pull up your English language: I want another chance to become a programmer, then it is very useful to me" - says Mahmoud.


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