Chitwan Jungle Mystery (7 photos)

One blogger told the story of Nepalese jungle ...

The border of India and Nepal. Chitwan. I am often asked how many in there the jungle animals and whether it is necessary to go at all? Not so simple. Unfortunately, globalization has long been swept asphalt roller in this picturesque corner of nature. UNESCO sounded the alarm too late Chitwan excessive popularity among Western tourists practically destroyed the wild animals. Do not believe, if a local guide will entice you to look at the tigers. In all of Nepal there is not a single individual in 1973. Nevertheless, your guide, the manager of the hotel, or even a boy-peddler Coca-Cola will be with bulging eyes to prove that that's just this morning, they saw the traces, and the brother of a friend - noticed in bushes striped tail ... People want to believe in miracles .

Five years ago, completely disappeared in Chitwan population of crocodiles, which could not affect the income of the local tourist offices. So much so, that the elders of the villages went not unprecedented step: to attract the attention of tourists, in the Indian state of Bihar was purchased fifty dummy - roughly stitched leather bags stuffed with rags ... The story is a bit curious: lazy Nepalese simply dumped obtained stuffed in the coastal grass like bales of rice (frame of three years ago). If the view 100% increase of 400 mm, at the joints (especially in the field of fastening paws) can be seen the rough seams and stitches. Woe master did not know that tourists can come with super-telephoto.

The year before, after several complaints from European groups, the Nepalese have bought a new batch of crocodiles. At this time, the community has not stinted and clear the dummy with a mechanical drive made more elaborate. Externally (from a distance of five meters - near the Nepalese are not allowed), they are almost indistinguishable from the living. To create the illusion of motion, fake mechanically opens and closes the mouth of every 15-20 minutes. Plant enough for about three hours. Today in Chitwan are still using two types of stuffed animals, although the old almost caught (in 2012, I did not see any).

And that operators crocodiles. My companion whenever grumbles when I shoot them, they say, it can scare clientele. Employment operators guileless: their job is to start early in the morning and a crocodile in the afternoon. Every evening they collect carcass and taken to the village at dawn to put them back in the grass and the coastal shallows.


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