Facts about the smiles and laughter. Happy April, 1!!! (10 photos)

Most people can not distinguish fake smile, this smile. It is believed that smile - the weapon of liars, ie often smiling man certainly lying. In fact this is not true. Australian customs officers searched recording Pass the border and people notice that illegal immigrants, smugglers, criminals are much less likely to smile. And who will smile at the question of a customs officer, "Did you drop the bag of cocaineĀ»?

Why can not monkeys laugh and talk?

Because they do not Urgant and Martirosyan probably come to mind Van. And you're absolutely right. Chimpanzee - not the people, and they are not physically able to reproduce it. Even verbal joke April 1, can not tell. But walking upright would save the monkeys, because they will have the ability to control breathing. Therefore, only the monkey smiling and waving.

Laughter alleviates pain

Scientists have proved that the one who laughs, longer lives. We know this! We also know about the experience of the 80s of the last century, when a pair of triple US hospitals have created a "fun house." In these rooms we have collected comic books, audio and video tapes, and humor too zahazhivali visit. The result: patients will be discharged steel, most significantly improved health, the amount of pain medication taken by patients decreased. Smile on health!

Smiling and laughing together interesting

People alone laugh and smile often. And it is not only a lack of jokes. Scientist Robert Provine said that only 15% of laughter is connected with the jokes, even an April Fool's gags. Smile and laugh more often arise in the course of the discussion it funny, and not only when viewing. Alone people often talk with each other and laughing to himself less than a stranger happened to be on watching the new film featuring Jim Carrey.

Women smiling nature lies in the brain

People who are into submission, often smiling in the presence of those who dominate them. For example, in the presence of the director. The authorities, on the contrary, subordinate only smile friendly circumstances. Both men and women smiling at work. A woman looks at such times submissive and weak when compared to the severe and unsmiling men. It is believed that this is the result of historical subordination of women. However, in an eight-month of age, young girls smile more often by men. Academic Nancy Hanley called female smile "sign peacemaker" used to pacify the more power men. During the communication, the girls are smiling on 26% more often.

Smile and love


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