Slater isolator operates at room temperature

Japanese scientists from the National University of Materials managed to create an insulator Slater, capable of operating at room temperature.
Slater insulators having too specific qualities study has been half a century (but they are still not much is known). These are complex compounds that are able to show the iron conductivity at a high enough temperature and becomes an insulator at cooling (characterized by the presence of certain transition temperature). And as a rule temperature such transitions lie significantly below room, study insulators Slater every time has been given to only academic science.

And now the Japanese physicists and materials scientists managed to obtain and carefully study the new insulator Slater - NaOsO3, owning perovskite structure and of the highest temperature at this time of transition. Structure, the nature of the transition temperature and its association with the magnetic ordering far order predicted by the theory of Slater, were examined at the National Laboratory Oak Ridge (USA) using the method of neutron diffraction.

As the newest material shows properties Slater insulator at room temperature and does not require cooling, before it disclosed the most promising prospects of practical use - for example, in the construction of solid-state sensor signals in the terahertz spectrum or the same for the creation of new thermoelectric conversion materials.


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