Modern knights to save Ukraine (3 pics + 2 video)

Modern knights on their horses dashing SUV three days, FREE car pulled out of the drifts: ambulances, taxis, hlebovozki and citizens!

Members of the off-road clubs in Kiev thrown into their midst the battle cry: "Save the hometown and its citizens!" Everyone who could - left the streets and helped to save the city from the snow collapse. The children were divided city and promptly provided assistance to all.
You can write many more, but better read the chronicle of real events with them offline, from the first page to the last.
For those who still need help - us, the guys have put their phones and the areas where they can help. Glory to the heroes!
Quotes from the forum:
City: Kiev
Posted Yesterday, 19:25
Yes, the case seems to households from snowplows will not come ... Today we have gathered people, we took a shovel and clean all (!) the sidewalks around the house. I have my laminated burbuhaykoy roadway for puzotёrok (Aki icebreaker). And I look at all this and think - the power that we like and do not need, organized themselves and made common cause, no kickbacks, layers of logs and hitrovzharenyh leaders ...
Yes, that even pleased - people do not forget to feed the stray cats and dogs, feed the birds ...

City: Kiev
Posted Today, 17:40
In all Lukyanovke also ice age and komunalschikov present, except the central streets. Pulling a small Street near Yakir 7 machines, lines have no one. Passages overwhelmed, bread imported only in stores that are on the large shelled roads. Sorry for the elderly pensioners as they walk the way to get to the store? Went bought twenty loaves of bread (no longer given in the store) and gave the elderly in the two entrances, some crying. Heating of again going to the supermarket, the neighbors are asked to buy some bread, yogurt, guys look around, you can also help old men who are close and this will also help.

P / S & quot; Special thanks to simple inhabitants who offered their help, one tea, one shovel, one sheltered overnight. That's born civilized community! & Quot;
Map of Kiev, which marked the deployment of volunteers that can help you:



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