Dog-pig terrorizes Africa

As often happens, the rumors about monsters have spread from rural areas around the world.
Some local residents have taken additional security measures, such as movement in groups and weapons. In 1995 and 1996, some Puerto Ricans armed themselves against animal-vampire Chupacabras, last year, the people of Malaysia, patrolled the streets in search of a mysterious orangutan named Minyak, a creature that terrorized the country recently.
What animal could be this monster?

One Namibian official, regional advisor Andreas Mundzhindi, said: "This alien creature that people have not seen. We do not have forests, only bushes. So it could be black magic in action. " Some people in the region followed the animal to the home of an old man rumored sorcerer or witch doctor, it is assumed that it is an animal or, as one would say a hundred years ago, the witch hunters - "one».

The assumption that the animal has a magical origin is not surprising. The survey, conducted in 2010, revealed a belief in magic is widespread in sub-Saharan Africa, with more than half of the respondents say that they personally believe in witchcraft and sorcery.

This is not the first time that unusual animals have been seen in the rural areas of Namibia, a few other monsters have been reported over the years, including in July 2009, when reported by unknown creatures suck the blood of livestock. Although no one has seen the monsters say that it follows a similar dog, but much more. The police investigated the tracks, but they mysteriously broke into the open field, like being suddenly disappeared. At that time, local residents were convinced that strange animal is the product of black magic - accusing the old man and his sister, that is, they conjured creature.


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