The path to the heart of the females is through her stomach

Males of some South American fish lure females with the help of special "rod", "Bait" which simulates fallen in water insect. The success depends on whether he guessed what kind of food he likes the most passion.
Males korinopom (Corynopoma riisei) from the family of tetras literally catch their females for the bait. These fish live in the rivers of South America, and their main dish - insects fallen in water. Depending on the area through which the river is flowing, the species composition of the diet change: for example, in water are often ants or beetles or even some insects. A closely related mating ritual korinopom: males have their gill area stretches from the long process with a knob on the end. This knob looks like fallen into the water extraction. When the female lacks the bait, the male spermatophores time to provide her with the seed.

But fleshy knobs at the ends of rods boards for males look different. It is obvious that some of them to lure females better, some - worse. Researchers from the University of Uppsala (Sweden) decided to find out what determines the success of marriage and fishing male. Zoologists have suggested that the whole thing in a particular menu, females, ie, in the production, which, in this area the most. The researchers selected a few young females, who have never seen the ants, and divided them into two groups. Some were fed ants, other - something that does not like to ants.

After 10 days of males to females hoisted. Some were taken from the population, which feeds mainly on ants, other ants were not too frequent dish. It was found that the females feed the ants prefer males of the same: growths on the ends of their "fishing rods" resembled those insects. That is, males korinopom use the food preferences of females in courtship, but in females, therefore, food and sexual preferences are mixed. Perhaps females actually realize that they are involved in the marriage game, but it is too strong "psychological" assumption, any experiments have not yet vindicated.

The results of research, scientists are going to be published in the journal Current Biology.

Korinopomy are not the only animals that way to the heart is through the female of her stomach. The male orchid bees are trying to "use scent" smell the flowers that the females prefer more than others, and males water mites simulate vibration feet crustaceans, copepods, which are used for extraction of ticks. As far as the role of food preferences in the marriage ritual of man, in this respect, each can lead a convincing example ...


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