Weight loss improves memory, according to the researchers.

The studies were conducted on the basis of Cornell Weill Medical College and Columbia University Medical Center in New York, as well as psycho-neurological Research Institute in Fargo, North Dakota. A total of 150 participants who are overweight, many of which, when tested on cognitive ability, showed a decrease in efficiency of the brain, and after 12 weeks after the operation, testing showed improved memory and attention.

"The main criterion in the choice of operating patients was that they were in a short time to lose a lot of weight, - said John Gunstand, who heads a team of researchers - and this is the first evidence that going through this operation, people can improve their memory and concentration. »

Gustand was not surprised by the results of the study. Many problems that come with obesity, can disrupt brain activity, but violations are reversible and after surgery, along with being overweight goes and complications. The following isledovanie will address cases of weight loss without surgical intervention and research team expects similar results.

Expenditure on research and development project amounted to about 1, 5 million. Dollars. USA, and funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health.


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