"Hubble" looked into "Galaxy-needle"

Image obtained Space Telescope "Hubble", provide a detailed review of the bright disk of the spiral galaxy NGC 4565.
This is one of the most famous examples of a spiral galaxy, seen edge-on, that is oriented perpendicular to the line of our sight. NGC 4565 was called "needle", because on the horizon looks like a very narrow band.

What we see here, much like our own Milky Way, as seen in the direction of the galactic center: in both cases the dust blocks some of the light coming from the galactic disk. In the lower right corner of the contrast becomes particularly clear-cut because of the bright light of stars that fill the central region of the galaxy. The core of NGC 4565 is a little further in this direction outside the picture.

Studying galaxies helps astronomers learn more about our home. This is our neighbor: to him, about 40 million light-years away, so the edge of NGC 4565 can be studied in detail. Into the hands of us, and the fact that this whopper three times the Milky Way.

The picture was taken advanced survey camera. Exemplary dimensions - 3 4 3 4 angular minutes.

The picture was submitted to the contest Hubble's Hidden Treasures Image Processing Competition Josh Barrington.


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