Multifunctional Petman

Petman capable of speeds of 4, 4 miles per hour, if MABEL surprise you with its realism and maneuverability, then get ready for an even greater surprise. You will be so mesmerized by the natural human gait Petman, that most likely will not be able to get ahead, man or robot. Designed and manufactured by Boston Dynamics for the US Army and DARPA, the dummy is an anthropomorphic robot, which is used to check the safety of clothing that would prevent infection in soldiers with chemical weapons. The robot has a height of about six feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds, the maximum speed is Petman 4, 4 miles per hour, making it the fastest two-legged robot in the world. But speed is not the only advantage of the robot, and it has many other talents. The hydraulic drive and legs equipped with shock absorbers, Petman are free to move, walk, crawl, change direction, rhythmic gymnastics and balance itself on two legs, when someone pushed him. Impressive is that the fall Petman will always land on their feet.


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